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Subkulture Music Group
Founded 1994
Founder Gerard Delarosa, Doi Porras, Liza Gernan, Marvin Manalo
Genre Gothic, industrial
Location Manila, Philippines
Official website

Subkulture is a Music Magazine and Online Community dedicated to Goth Music & Culture.


Initially an Events Management and Promotion Label during the mid 90's, Subkulture is recognized to have influenced and spearheaded the popularity of goth culture in the Philippines. Having managed various clubs playing goth music to a small but growing audience in the 1990s, these series of shows spurred the emergence of the nascent gothic lifestyle which was non-existent at that time in Manila, having adhered to a significant following. The birth of more elaborate shows and growing numbers caught the attention of the mainstream media and eventually the acceptance of the genre by the masses and corporate sponsorships.

The label is credited for the wider acceptance and mainstream appeal of goth and industrial events in Manila without commercializing it.[1] Fliers promoting events produced by Subkulture note that they are benefits.[2]

Subkulture was also a distributor of American Industrial Nation Magazine in The Philippines. Subkulture is also noted to help advance the careers of many young acts in the Philippines.[3]

The Eastern Goth Valley[edit]

Eternal Death Wake (EDW) Music Festival
Genre Goth music
Dates Halloween
Location(s) The Philippines
Founded by Subkulture

Subkulture's Eternal Death Wake (EDW) Music Festival, primarily known as The Eastern Goth Valley, is an Annual Halloween Music gathering held every October in the Philippines. It is considered the First Goth Festival in the Philippines and has been featured in Japan's Counter Culture Magazine called Burst as well as various TV Programs.[4] Due to its popularity, the EDW is often mistaken as the first "goth club" in Manila; this is a false predicament as its predecessor loosely identified as Klub Gargoyle is said to have preceded it since the beginning.

The EDW event has also hosted Foreign artists such as The Angina Pectoris (Germany), Eve of Destiny (Japan), Kozi (Japan), Roughhausen (Canada / Taiwan ), DJ Eiji (Japan), Haruhiko Ash (Japan), DJ Nekrokael (France)) and Psydoll (Japan).


Subkulture online magazine was set to be launched by the end of 2011.

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