Sublight Records

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Sublight Records
Sublight logo.png
Founded 2004 (2004)
Genre Breakcore, various others
Country of origin Canada
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
Official website Official website[dead link]

Sublight Records was a Canadian record label started in 2004 [1] and ran until June 2007.[2] Based out of Winnipeg, Canada. It was named among the top 25 indie record labels of 2006 by XLR8R magazine - "Sublight has gone from spewing out splattered beats fresh from bedrooms where the sun never shines to becoming Canada's prime Breakcore outpost".

Sublight was also named one of the most interesting and hard working IDM labels in 2005 by Warp Records for their courage in releasing a wide range of musical styles and artists. Sublight released albums by artists such as Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, Datach'i, Not Breathing, Doormouse, Bong-Ra, Fanny, The Gasman, Sincere Trade, Enduser, The Flashbulb, Wisp, 000, Bill Laswell's "Method of Defiance" project, Ra, Secret Mommy, Gareth Clarke and many others of the IDM, breakcore, drill and bass genres of electronic music.

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