Sublogic Corporation

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Sublogic Corporation
Old Sublogic logo, depicts a rising phoenix.
Type of site
Online music label
Headquarters The Netherlands
Owner Casper van der Stelt (cadra)
Created by Casper van der Stelt (cadra) and Sander van Driel (Tripwire)
Commercial No
This article is about the Online music label. For the software development company, see subLOGIC.

The Sublogic Corporation (also called Sublogic or Subco) is a Dutch netlabel that has been releasing various styles of electronic music for free download under a Creative Commons License since early 2000. As of 2005, all releases are part of one of three sublabels: Routine for techno, electro and otherwise repetitive music, Flow for ambient, drum & bass and any music with broken or no beats, and Transfer for all forms of trance from progressive to psytrance. In the archives are a number of older releases in the Impulse Tracker format, as well as mp3. The new releases are in either mp3 or ogg vorbis format.

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