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Origin London, England
Genres Psychedelic rock, noise pop, indie rock, space rock, experimental rock, neo-psychedelia, avant pop, Britpop
Years active 1992–1995
Labels Ultimate, Taky Recordings

The early-mid-1990s English band Submarine followed in the footsteps of many of its contemporaries, including The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Boo Radleys and My Bloody Valentine with its own vision of noise pop, before morphing into Jetboy DC, which continues sporadically to this day.


Submarine alternated introspective indie-rock with noisy psychedelic jams; to the former quality was oft associated the term shoegazing. They released their self-titled debut album in 1994; Keith Cleversley (of Flaming Lips fame) produced it for Ultimate. A second album, also recorded with Cleversley, was turned down by the label & later released on Taky Recordings, nearly 10 years later. Kiss Me Till Your Ears Burn Off, a compilation of singles and B-sides, was released on the Fantastick Records label.

Submarine recorded two separate Peel Sessions for legendary English radio personality John Peel, a feat not duplicated by many bands invited to record for the BBC.

During their career, Submarine toured extensively with such bands as the Flaming Lips, Moose, Radiohead, Peach and Tool. Beginning in 1993, Submarine participated in the Ultimate Records Tour with the werefrogs & Sidi Bou Said.

Around 1995, Submarine disbanded, but semi-spontaneously reassembled itself, in the manner of T-1000, with linchpins Neil Haydock (guitar, vocals) and Rob Harron (bass) forming Jetboy DC. As such they have recorded and released a modicum of material, as well as having made one concert tour.

Submarine membership[edit]

Old members, still about[edit]

  • Neil Haydock ~ guitar | vocals
  • Rob Harron ~ bass
  • Robert Havis ~ drums (from 1994-current) (former member of Peach)
  • Nathan Gelinas ~ Meat Flute

Former members[edit]

  • Jeff Townsin ~ drums (currently of Sophia)


also drummer for Madam

Guest appearances[edit]

Jetboy DC membership[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Neil Haydock ~ guitar |vocals (former member of Submarine)
  • Rob Harron ~ bass (former member of Submarine)
  • Robert Havis aka 'Ponk' ~ drums (from 1994-current) (former member of Peach & Submarine)
  • Damien Meade ~ guitar & painting

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