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The Submarine Medical Insignia is a badge of the United States Navy which is presented to medical officers of the Navy Medical Corps who have received training and qualification in submarine warfare and medical expertise. First awarded in 1943, the Submarine Medical Insignia is awarded to Navy Doctors who have completed at least 30 days of underway time on submarines.[1]

Only Navy physicians who have already obtained the Undersea Medical Officer qualification may earn the Submarine Medical Officer Insignia. In addition to the underway time, a physician must complete an abbreviated version of the training required for the standard Submarine Warfare Insignia. Such training normally involves an open book examination in radiation health, diving medicine and submarine medicine. The final qualification for medical doctors is to develop, propose, conduct research, and write a thesis in an area of submarine or diving medicine that is peer reviewed by a board of qualified submarine medical officers. All requirements for the submarine medical officer are coordinated by the Naval Undersea Medicine Institute in Groton Connecticut.

The Personal Qualification Standard (PQS), for the Submarine Medical Insignia, also contain medical specific knowledge applicable to the close quarters and unique environment of practicing medicine on a submarine.

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