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Submarine base

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Keroman III submarine pen, part of the former German submarine base in Lorient, Brittany.
Holland Torpedo Boat Station Plaque stating New Suffolk, New York's claim to be the first submarine base.

A submarine base is a military base that shelters submarines and their personnel.

Examples of present-day submarine bases include HMNB Clyde, Île Longue (the base for France's Force océanique stratégique), Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Naval Submarine Base New London, and Rybachiy Nuclear Submarine Base (near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).[1][2]

INS Virbahu, INS Vajrabahu and INS Satavahana are the submarine bases of the Indian Navy. A new underground submarine base, INS Varsha is under construction near Vishakhapatnam for the new expanding fleet of Indian nuclear submarines.[3][4][5]

The Israeli navy bases its growing submarine force in Haifa.[6]

Former submarine bases include DORA 1, HMAS Platypus, Naval Submarine Base Bangor (now part of Naval Base Kitsap), Mare Island Naval Shipyard (a nuclear-capable base), Ordnance Island in Bermuda during World War II, and the formerly-classified Soviet base at Balaklava in the now Autonomous Republic of Crimea.[7][8][9]

The Holland Torpedo Boat Station at hamlet of New Suffolk, New York claims to be the first submarine base in the United States: it served as the base for USS Holland, a submarine launched in May 1897 and several Plunger class submarines launched 1901–1903.[10]

However, the United States Navy claims Naval Submarine Base New London was the Navy's first submarine base, having been so designated in 1916.[11] [12]

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