Submarine rescue ship

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USS Pigeon, submarine rescue ship
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Chiyoda (left) and Chihaya (right)
ITS Anteo (A 5309), submarine rescue ship
HSwMS Belos (A214) of the Swedish Navy

A submarine rescue ship serves as a surface support ship for submarine rescue and deep-sea salvage operations. Methods employed are the McCann Rescue Chamber, Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV's) and deep sea diving operations.

Active submarine rescue ships[edit]

Brazilian Navy[edit]

  • Felinto Perry (K11)

Chinese Navy[edit]

Italian Navy[edit]

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force[edit]

Royal Malaysian Navy[edit]

  • MV Mega Bakti

Singapore Navy[edit]

South Korean Navy[edit]

Royal Swedish Navy[edit]

Turkish Navy[edit]

Former submarine rescue ships[edit]

United States Navy[edit]

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