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A submission management system is a software system, also known as submission processing, that streamlines and eases out the collection, tracking and management of electronic submissions. Information can be received, authenticated, tracked, stored, and distributed electronically. Submission management systems can be web-based system operating in a browser environment, a COTS based product, or may also be in the form of a desktop application. Submissions are completed electronically creating an efficient real-time process that saves time for both the submitter and recipient. Usually a submission management system can take in a high volume of data at fast rate.

A submission management system may be regarded as an application-specific content management system. In essence, such a system can be used an alternative to email in many situations.

Common Features[edit]

Although submission management systems can get pretty complex, there are some features that a submission management system must provide in order for it to be classified under that category. Here is a list of some of those features:

  1. Provision to provide a start time and an end time for collecting submissions
  2. Mechanism for collection and storage of electronic submissions
  3. Mechanism for downloading and viewing the collected submissions only to authorized people at any given time
  4. Mechanism to verify all documents and attachments are virus free
  5. Mechanism to guarantee all the required information is present for submission
  6. Mechanism for accepting and rejecting submissions
  7. Provision for giving relevant feedback to submitters
  8. Provision for requesting resubmission of submissions
  9. Mechanism for submitters to view submissions made by them and associated comments

Common Applications[edit]

Each of these applications encompass the entire work-flow and all common features of typical submission management systems.

Course Management[edit]

Course management systems are used in colleges and universities to collect and manage course assignments and projects in electronic formats.

Conference Management[edit]

Call-for-paper conferences use conference management systems to collect, review and shortlist research papers and then notify the authors whose papers are shortlisted for publication and presentation.

Electronic Government Application Management[edit]

Whether at the federal, state, or local level government procedures often demand the filing of forms whether electronically or on paper. Submission management systems can provide a tool for electronic submissions to the Government.

Resume Management and Recruitment Management[edit]

Employment websites and job sites collect electronic versions of resumes and help recruiters connect with job seekers in a streamlined fashion.

Event and Competition Management[edit]

Several events and competitions have an online round for shortlisting and selecting participants and attendees. The organizers of such events use event management systems with a functionality to collect and manage electronic submissions.

Online Survey Management[edit]

Systems like SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics , QuestionPro and Google Docs allow users to create online surveys, collect responses from people over the Internet and view the results in various formats including graphs. These systems are essentially variants of submission management systems.

Generic Systems[edit]

Generic submission management systems are not built specifically to suit one submission management application or scenario. Rather, they allow users to collect and manage submissions across multiple applications and scenarios. Though such systems exist, they are comparatively less in number as compared to application-specific ones.

Existing Systems[edit]

  • ErisUnleashed!: Cloud-based abstract management/call for papers and conference planning integrated workflow platform with fully configurable review process and rule-based notification to conference attendees.
  • Online Registry: Web-based conference management platform supporting an automatized submission and peer-review process, session planning, delegates registration handling and a room cockpit. It is used by 100s of conferences and includes an own mobile conference application for Android and IOS.
  • a conference management and Submission Management System
  • alpha awards: a digital Submission Management System, covering the whole award-workflow (submission, administration, voting). German only.
  • OpenWater: an online system catered towards the acceptance and management of online submissions for awards, contests and grants.
  • Wizehive: a web based submission management system specializing in publishers contests, grants, fellowships and scholarships
  • OpenConf: A peer-review management system used by thousands of conferences, workshops, and journals in over 90 countries
  • Blackboard: Allows management of course assignments and projects in universities, schools and colleges
  • Moodle: An open-source alternative to Blackboard
  • Sakai: An open-source collaboration and learning environment that allows submission management in scenarios similar to Moodle and Blackboard
  • EDAS: A conference management system with review functionality
  • Ex Ordo: A research conference management system to manage the collection, reviewing, acceptance and publication of submissions online.
  • ConfEngine: A simplified conference platform (submission management, scheduling, online registration, speaker management, etc.)
  • CWSubmissions: An online submission management system for literary magazines, developed for in-house use by Neil Clarke, editor and publisher of Clarkesworld science fiction magazine. Later adopted by Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Weird Tales and other genre publications.
  • EasyChair: A conference management system similar to EDAS
  • ConfHub: A multi-conference management system that supports configurable composition of multiple child conferences. It integrates conference registration, visa letter management, and paper management similar to EDAS, EasyChair
  • Wonference: Full conference and event management system with submission for call for papers and awards.
  • Submittable: Backed by Y Combinator and the Knight Foundation, this online submission management platform is used by 1000s of universities, publishers, music and film festivals, agents, galleries, foundations, conferences, and art colonies in over 90 countries.
  • Submission Manager: An online system for accepting and managing written submissions for a magazine or press.
  • YouNoodle: YouNoodle provides a submission management platform for business plans
  • Qualaroo: A web-based survey tool for website owners (until 2012, called KISSinsights)
  • SurveyMonkey: A web-based platform to create and manage survey submissions
  • Google Forms: An application similar to SurveyMonkey
  • FluidReview: A do it yourself online application and submission management tool
  • FluidSurveys: An online survey management platform with reporting functionality
  • Monster Jobs: An online resume and recruitment management system
  • Green Submissions:A free ad-free submission management system for publications and editors
  • eAwards:A cloud based awards submission management and judging system
  • INDICO: INDICO is CERN's software to schedule and organize events (see CERN's running instance)
  • A cloud based submission management and decision-making platform used by business incubators & accelerators, foundations and grant-makers, post-secondary institutions, competitions & contests, and businesses.
  • A cloud based editorial management tool that enables you to accept submissions online, track their process throughout the editorial cycle, and manage collaboration with editors and reviewers.
  • CommunityForce General purpose submission management system to support for higher education, non-profits, and government.
  • InFlowSuite™ A framework for a wide range of electronic submission-based systems that can be rapidly tailored and deployed to meet the needs of a specific agency or submission process by altering simple, easily maintained rule sets. The functionality of the InFlowSuite™ framework can be extended to fit custom developed components or commercial off-the-shelf software. InFlowSuite™ is a product of the Northrop Grumman Corporation

Resistance to Submission Management Systems[edit]

Widespread adoption and use of submission management systems (esp. in academia) has been hampered by several factors[1] that include but are not limited to:

  • Inconvenience while drawing figures, diagrams and equations on a computer
  • Resistance to change and adopt new technologies
  • Lack of or limited access to the Internet
  • Strict adherence to submission deadlines
  • Extra effort in using submission management systems as compared to traditional modes like email
  • Lack of trust in web-based submission management systems
  • Steep learning curve


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