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Suburban Noize Records
Founded1995 (1995)
FounderBrad Xavier
Kevin Zinger
Distributor(s)Capitol Records (1997–2002)
RED Distribution (2003–2012)
Country of originU.S.
LocationBurbank, California

Suburban Noize Records, also known as "Subnoize", is an independent record label based in Burbank, California that specializes in punk rock and hip hop music. The label was founded in 1997 by Kottonmouth Kings vocalist Brad Xavier and Kevin Zinger.[1][2]


A majority of the label's merchandise and album sales are via the Internet and merchandising booths at live performances. The label heavily relies on word of mouth and underground promotion techniques, and albums by many of its acts.

A recent feud between the founding members of the label, Brad Xavier (of Kottonmouth Kings) and Kevin Zinger (Former manager of Kottonmouth Kings) have put the destiny of the label in limbo. A visit to the labels website now points to simply a merchandise website and nothing regarding any recording artists.

According to former Subnoize artists Hed PE, the label "imploded on itself" approximately around 2010.[3]


Artist Year signed Description
Johnny Richter 1999 American solo rapper. Formerly of Kottonmouth Kings.
Big B 1999 American solo rapper. Formerly of 187 and OPM respectively.
Potluck 2006 American hip hop group from Humboldt County, California.
DGAF 2008 American hip hop group consisting of Chucky Styles and Gillies.
Swollen Members 2009 Canadian hip hop group composed of Madchild (MC), Prevail (MC), and Rob The Viking (DJ) signed in collaboration with Battleaxe Records, a label formed by group member Madchild.
Saigon 2010 American rapper from Brownsville, Brooklyn. Previously signed to Atlantic Records.
Slaine 2010 American rapper from Boston, Massachusetts.
Madchild 2011 Canadian solo rapper as well as being co-founder of the Canadian hip hop group Swollen Members.
Glasses Malone 2011 American rapper from Watts, California. His albums are released as a collaboration between Suburban Noize, Blu Division Music, Hoo-Bangin' Records, Cash Money Records, and Universal Republic Records.
Jeffrey Nothing 2011 An American heavy metal singer from Cleveland, Ohio, Jeffrey Nothing is best known as the vocalist of Mushroomhead.
Prevail 2011 Canadian solo rapper as well as being co-founder of the Canadian hip hop group Swollen Members
Cool Nutz 2012 An American rapper from Portland, Oregon.
Year(s) signed Albums released on Suburban Noize Notes
Corporate Avenger 1998–2001[1] 4 Currently signed to Massive Sound Records.
Kottonmouth Kings 1997–2013[1] 19
The Dirtball 2004–2013[1] 6
D-Loc 1997–2013[1] 3
DJ Bobby B 1997–2013[1] 4
X-Pistols 2010–2013[1] 1
Pakelika 2003–2010[1] 2 Died August 12th, 2012.
Grand Vanacular 1999–2004[1] 1
Disfunction-ILL 2004[1] 1 Rap Duo Pakelika and Grand Vanacular
La Coka Nostra 2008–2012[1] 1 Currently signed to Uncle Howie Records/Fat Beats.
Mix Mob 2002[1] 1
Daddy X 1995–2013[1] 2
Danny Diablo 2007[1] 1 Currently signed to Hellcat Records.
Wicked Wisdom 2006[4] 1
Mower 2003–2010 3
Mondo Generator 2007 1
Phunk Junkeez 2003–2007 1 Currently signed to Dmaft Records
Judge D 2003–2008 2
X Clan 2006–2010 2
Taintstick 2009–2010 1
OPM 2006–2010 3 Currently signed to MNO Records
Barry and the Penetrators 2009 1
BLESTeNATION 2009–2012 1
Sen Dog 2008–2009 1
Too Rude 2000–2007 2
Dog Boy 2007–2010 1
Unwritten Law 2008–2013 4 Note "Blue Room" was a re-release
Authority Zero 2006–2013 3
Mickey Avalon 2011–2013 1
Moonshine Bandits 2010–2014 3
Hed PE 2006–2013 5 Formed by singer Jared Gomes in 1994, Hed PE performs a style of music which it refers to as "G-punk", a fusion of punk rock and hip hop.[5] The band was formerly signed to Jive Records, with a different line-up. Now signed to pavement Records.


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