Subsonic Factor

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Subsonic Factor
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Techno, Rave, dance, Electronic
Occupation(s) Singer, Rapper, Record Producer, Dj
Years active 1990–1993
Labels Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Subsonic Factor was a ground breaking 90's Techno / Dance music group signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan.[1] The group at the time was the first of its kind as it was made up of a Japanese music producer Takashi Kimura, American female singer named Christina Hane and American Rapper / Singer Terry-T (now known as T-Effect & Chosen Effect) who was the front man for the group.


Takashi Kimura – Music Producer – Associated Acts: Favorite Blue, Move, Raveman
Terry-T (T-Effect / Chosen Effect) – Singer / Rapper / Producer / DJ – Associated Acts: Raveman
Christina Hane - Singer


Early life[edit]

The group was formed by chance in a recording studio in Tokyo Japan when Terry-T was asked to come and rap on a techno track produced by Takashi Kimura. A Sony A&R person was there at the time and was quite impressed by the results of the recording session and offered them a recording contract. They soon added their third member Christina Hane & were told that they needed to immediately go to the studio to record their first single as the record label wanted them to open for house group Black Box that following week in the Nippon Budokan.

2 B N Love[edit]

The name of Subsonic Factors first single was called 2 B N Love and was not only their first release but also ended up becoming the group’s biggest selling song. The song was very successful and was used for the soundtrack in the Japanese Anime called Tokyo Babylon. Besides the group’s debut album called Echoes, the song also appeared in a compilation cd called Tokyo House Underground Vol. 1 and was also used in a Japanese TV Commercial.


The name of the group’s debut album was called Echoes and was considered by many to be an album before its time. The album was created in a time when Techno was the cool thing to listen to. The album featured songs that not only sounded good but also presented lyrics with deep meaning that even touched base on hot social issues such as Aids awareness. Some other crowd favorites from the album was the songs Don’t Change, Rain and another one by the name of Sonic Rhythm.

Live performances[edit]

Subsonic Factor live performances were very engaging and saw them perform in concerts with some very cool acts. Some notable acts that Subsonic Factor had the privilege of being booked to perform with were Black Box, T-99 (Quadrophonia), Bizarre Inc, Capella,[disambiguation needed] and The Shamen just to name a few. The front man of the group Terry-T really stood out in the group with electrifying dance moves and the ability to really get the crowd pumped up with his powerful microphone skills. The group on a whole had a really great look and the chemistry was apparent. Subsonic Factor’s song called 2 B N Love always received a huge reaction at live shows and remained a crowd favorite.

During this time frame the group released a special limited edition single called Kicking The Ballistics.

Too Late[edit]

The name of the groups follow up album was called Too Late. By this time the group was starting to suffer from creative differences and this album reflected that tone with songs that sounded nothing like the groups original album. In fact the group completely detoured from their Techno sound that they was known for and produced an album that was unexpected by their fans. Terry-T produced a Hip-Hop track for the album called Party Time while Christina worked on a Reggae sounding track called Do What. Ultimately the title of the album reflected the group’s overall feelings of being unsatisfied with the group’s direction.

Time To Get Away[edit]

Out of the group’s 3 members Christina Hane was allegedly the unhappiest in the group and wanted to follow a different path while Terry-T and Takashi really wanted to see the group continue. As a compromise between Christina and the other 2 members could not be reached, she finally made the hard decision to leave the group and pursue other projects. It was decided that they as a collective would release one last song together. The song was cleverly titled Time To Get Away and the message was very clear. The song was a very mature sounding dance track and the last time that Christina would record a track with the group.

The end and new beginnings[edit]

The impact of Christina leaving the group was huge and things would never be the same again. The group tried to replace her with other female vocalist but the chemistry was never right. Ultimately the Record Label felt that without having all 3 of the original members together the group didn’t have the magic they once had. Subsonic Factor was officially over. Terry-T and Takashi went on to pursue many other projects with fate bringing them together for another Techno Unit called Raveman. Even though Raveman also eventually ended Terry-T and Takashi to this day remain the best of friends and have even been discussing starting a new project together. Rumor has it that Terry-T who now goes by the name Chosen Effect has plans to try to resurrect Subsonic Factor. Christina went on to pursue projects in music engineering in England and in 1998 returned to Palm Springs, CA where she lives today.


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