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Native to Nicaragua
Ethnicity 5,000 (1981)[1]
Extinct between 1909[2] and 1981[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sut
Glottolog subt1250[3]

Subtiaba is an extinct Oto-Manguean language which was spoken on the Pacific slope of Nicaragua, especially in the Subtiaba district of León. Edward Sapir established a connection between Subtiaba and Tlapanec. When Lehmann wrote about it in 1909 it was already very endangered or moribund.

Lexical comparison[edit]

English Sutiaba Tlapanec
One i·mba mba1
Two a·pu· a3hma3
Three a·su a2cu1
Four axku a2kho3
Man ra·bu ša3bo3
Woman ra·bagu· a'3go3
Dog ru·wa šu31
Sun ahka a3kha'3
Moon uku gő'3
Water i·lu i2ya2

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