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Subtruck is a heavy groove rock band that was formed in 1998 in Perth, Western Australia by singer/guitarist Phil Bradley, previously of The Jackals.


The band also features Kris Goodwin on drums and Robert Troup on bass. Renowned for their volume and respected for their tenacity, they have drawn comparisons to fellow Oz acts AC/DC and The Mark of Cain, as well as US outfits such as Helmet and Clutch. Ultimately though, they stand on their own six feet as one of Australia's fiercest, and most fiercely original, hard rock bands.

Subtruck released their debut eponymous EP in 2000 before signing to Sic Squared Records in 2001. Their first album for Sic Squared Records, Songs to Whistle at War, was released in 2002, and lead to their inclusion on several compilations including 'Left of Centre 2', 'S.L.A.M. 2002' and 'Foot in the Door'.

2003 saw them support iconic Australian alternative acts The Mark of Cain and The Lime Spiders on the West Australian legs of their respective national tours.

The band released their second album Ballbaring in 2004 to much acclaim, including a spot in Triple J's 'Full Metal Racket' DJ Andrew Haug's Top 5 Releases for 2004, and a nomination for 'Best Heavy Rock Act' at the 2004 WAMi Awards. The band toured nationally twice in 2005 and was again nominated for 'Best Heavy Rock Act' at that year's WAMi Awards.

The band's latest album Pig Iron was released on 25 March 2006, with the band releasing a limited home edition DVD Get Trucked in December 2006.


  • Subtruck (EP) - 2000
  • Songs to Whistle at War - Sic Squared (2001)
  • Ballbaring - Sic Squared (2004)
  • Pig Iron - Sic Squared (2006)

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