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Subukia Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of eleven constituencies in Nakuru County The constituency has three wards, all of which elect councillors for the Nakuru County Council. The constituency was formerly known as Nakuru North Constituency. Rongai Constituency was carved out of it before the 1988 elections, and the remaining part of Nakuru North constituency was renamed Subukia before the 1997 elections.Recently Bahati Constituency was also removed leaving Subukia Constituency with three wards which include Kabazi, Subukia and Waseges [1]

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [2] Party Notes
1966 Muhia Babu Wood KADU
1969 Muhia Babu Wood KANU One-party system
1974 Kihika Kimani KANU One-party system
1979 Koigi wa Wamwere KANU Wamwere was detained, resulting in by-elections.[1] One-party system.
1982 Francis Koima arap Kimosop KANU By-elections, One-party system
1983 Francis Koima arap Kimosop KANU Kimosop committed suicide, resulting in by-elections.[1] One-party system.
1986 Eric Kibet Koras arap Bomett KANU By-elections, One-party system
1988 Samuel Mburu Gichua KANU One-party system. Gichua died during his tenure.[1]
1990 Joseph Mukera Kuria KANU By-elections, One-party system
1992 Joseph K. Kimani Ford-Asili
1997 Joseph Mukera Kuria DP
2002 Koigi wa Wamwere NARC
2007 Nelson Gaichuhie PNU

Locations and wards[edit]

Location Population*
Bahati 68,788
Dundori 43,482
Kabazi 34,112
Solai 35,949
Subukia 31,898
Total x
1999 census.[3]
Ward Registered Voters
Bahati 22,616
Dundori 12,680
Kabazi 11,355
Ndungiri / Kirima 6,209
Subukia 11,218
Total 64,078
*September 2005.[4]


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