Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

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Suburban Kids with Biblical Names
Background information
Origin Haninge, Sweden
Genres Twee pop, indie pop
Years active 2003–present
Labels Labrador
Minty Fresh
Website Official website
Members Johan Hedberg
Peter Gunnarson

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names is a Swedish twee pop band consisting of Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarson. The band was formed in December 2003, in Haninge. Their name comes from a lyric in the song "People" by the Silver Jews.[1]


In the beginning of 2004, the band put two songs on the internet and received warm listener response. After this, Sonic magazine interviewed them and included one of their songs on a compilation CD. They were signed to Labrador Records and released their first EP, #1. In 2005, they released their second EP, #2. Their debut album #3 was released on 18 October 2005 in Sweden and has subsequently been released by Minty Fresh in the US and by Yesboyicecream Records in the UK and Ireland. Their song "Rent a Wreck" from #3 is featured in the Prius "Yes" commercial.

On 4 February 2009, the band released their third EP, #4.[1]



  • #3 (2005)


  • #1 (2004)
  • #2 (2005)
  • #4 (2009)


  • "Loop Duplicate My Heart" (2007)


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Suburban Kids with Biblical Names wants to ”turn all the dance floors into a burnings inferno of Ba-ba-ba” to quote the Kids themselves. And mark their words, with songs like “Rent a wreck”, they are destined to do so.

They’ve only existed since December 2003, still they Already sound as if they’ve been writing songs together since the beginning of time. Or perhaps more like children who’ve played together forever. There’s very playful and extremely catchy about their music that makes our bodies quiver each time we hear them.

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names is Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarsson. They make and record their music in the hallway or the storehouse at the home of Peter’s kind parents. Johan makes simple drafts of the songs and then Peter polish them and turn them into shiny pop songs.

They put two songs on an internet site in the beginning of 2004 and got very good response from people. The Sonic magazine got in touch and interviewed them and put a song on their compilation. Soon after this they were signed to Labrador Records. Monstera is doing the concert booking for the band. This summer they’re playing at basically every little pop festival in Sweden worth mentioning in Sweden.

They’re so far untitled debut EP will be out on Labrador late August/early September 2004.

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - #1 EP (Labrador) Bouncing along whimsically, the "#1 EP" by Haninge, Sweden's Peter Gunnarsson and Johan Hedberg is smart pop that never takes itself too seriously. It's an impressively catchy four-song debut, especially considering the group started playing together a year ago this month. "Ba ba bas" are in abundance (especially on the harmony-driven "Trumpets and Violins"), matched splendidly with simple piano and acoustic guitar melodies. Against such a sugary backdrop, lyrics like "I notice she's been listening a lot to Joy Division lately/and I notice that darkness in her smile" and "I want to turn all the dance floors/into a burning inferno of ba-ba-ba" sound even funnier than they would otherwise. The closing track even brings Morrissey to mind. Sometimes the lead vocals are a little hard to hear, but then again the EP was recorded at the home of Peter's parents. With melodies that will stay in your head for days and enough zaniness to make you laugh, the young Suburban Kids with Biblical Names are off to a promising start. Labrador was wise to snatch them up. - Matthew W. Smith Worst band name ever?

I'm not sure, but I think Suburban Kids with Biblical Names might be the worst band name I've ever heard. I mean, it doesn't even produce a good acronym. I'm trying to imagine the audience reaction every time they are deflatedly announced before a concert. I thought they might be trying to be ironic, until I read their description on the Labrador Records website. Nope, they're being completely literal. The band is made up, in fact, of two suburban kids with biblical names - Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarsson - who make music in the "home of Peter's kind parents." This music apparently "makes our bodies quiver each time we hear them."