Suburban Roulette

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Suburban Roulette (film 1968)
Poster of the movie Suburban Roulette.jpg
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Produced by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Written by Herschell Gordon Lewis
James Thomas
Starring Elizabeth Wilkinson
Ben Moore
Release dates
U.S.A. June 1968
Running time
91 mins
Country U.S.A.
Language English

Suburban Roulette is a 1968 American drama film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis starring, among others, William Kerwin and Allison Louise Downe who are involved in wife swapping to overcome the boredom of living in the suburbs. It was produced as an independent film by Lewis and was shown in Chicago area movie theaters during the summer of 1968. It contains implied sex, boozing, adult themes, fighting, but is without nudity (which would have prohibited mainstream movie theater distribution).

It was filmed in Wood Dale, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago during the summer of 1967.


The Fisher family moves into the seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood to get away from the city, Bert's drinking problem, and wife Ilene's propensity for males. They meet the neighbors, the Conleys and Elstons, and soon they're having cocktails, cookouts, and hitting on each other's mates, but not without guilt and repercussions. The Fishers fall into a dangerous game of wife swapping with the two other two swinging couples until the unwilling Bert can't take it any more.


Lewis was known for using everyday people instead of actors in his films.

  • Elizabeth Wilkinson as Ilene Fisher
  • Ben Moore as Bert Fisher
  • Ione Rolnick as Fran Conley
  • William Kerwin aka Thomas Wood as Marty Conley
  • Allison Louise Downe aka Vicki Miles as "Mattress Back" Margo Elston
  • Tony McCabe as Ron Elston
  • Debbie Grant as Cindy Fisher
  • Richard Mark Oliver as Conley Child
  • Joseph Trucco as Conley Child
  • Michael Shallop as Conley Child
  • Paul Shallop as Conley Child
  • Ray Woods as Police chief
  • Bob Roth as Card Buyer

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