Suburban Square

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Suburban Square
Location Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Opening date 1928
Management Kimco Realty
Owner Kimco Realty
No. of stores and services 60+
Parking Parking lot

Suburban Square is a shopping center located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States, in the Philadelphia area. The center opened in 1928, and is notable as one of the earliest shopping centers in the United States.[1] It has also been generally credited as being the first such shopping center to include a true department store, when Strawbridge & Clothier opened in May 1930.[2][3] The complex currently includes Suburban Square, Times Building, and the adjacent Ardmore Farmers Market and features more than sixty retail and dining establishments.


Anderson Avenue underpass near Suburban Square
The Times-Medical Building, Suburban Square

Planning for the center started in 1926, when work by architectural firm of Dreher and Churchman began, and construction commenced in 1927. The original (and rarely used) name was "Hestobeen Square", a combination of three of the developers' names. It was renamed in a 1936 contest as "Suburban Square."[4]

A number of shopping centers have made claims to be the "first" shopping center (depending on the definition used) in the United States, including Roland Park Shopping Center (1907), Country Club Plaza (1923), and Highland Park Village (1931). On some occasions, Suburban Square has been reported to be first, such as in some 1970s editions of the Guinness Book of World Records[5][6][7] Later editions of Guinness since 1979[8] list Roland Park.[9]

The original Strawbridge's was converted to Macy's in 2006. The Macy's would eventually close in March 2016. In early 2017, it was announced that the former Macy's store would be replaced by health club Life Time Fitness and furniture retailer West Elm by the end of the year.[10]


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