Suburbia (book)

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Bill Owens - Suburbia (1973).jpg
First edition cover
AuthorBill Owens
PublisherStraight Arrow Press
Publication date
1973 (revised 1999)

Suburbia is a book by Bill Owens, a photojournalism monograph on suburbia, published in 1973 by Straight Arrow Press, the former book publishing imprint of Rolling Stone. A revised edition was published in 1999, by Fotofolio (ISBN 978-1881270409).


The Los Angeles Times commented that the book

  • "...rouses pity, contempt, laughter and self-recognition. Owens’ influence was immense during the 1970s especially in respect to the kind of portraiture that shows the middle class."

In 2001, Suburbia was included in Andrew Roth’s The Book Of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century.


  • "The American Dream, Circa 1970: Suburbia Photographs Capture How Much We've Changed", Frank Ahrens, Washington Post, March 24, 2000

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