Subwar 2050

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Subwar 2050
Subwar 2050 cover.jpg
Developer(s)Particle Systems
Publisher(s)Interplay Entertainment
Designer(s)Michael Powell
Platform(s)Amiga, MS-DOS, CD32, Windows XP/Vista/7
Release1993 (MS-DOS)
1995 (Amiga)
Genre(s)Submarine simulator

Subwar 2050 is a futuristic 3D submarine simulator computer game developed by Particle Systems, Michael Powell acting as the lead designer, and published by MicroProse Software, Inc.

Publication history[edit]

The game was released in 1993 for DOS and 1994 for Amiga and Amiga CD32. In 1994 an expansion pack, Subwar 2050: The Plot Deepens was released for DOS. Subwar 2050 was sold to Interplay Entertainment on 27 March 2009.[1] In 2013 Subwar 2050 was released on for XP/Vista/Windows 7 and is available for download.[2]


Computer Gaming World in April 1994 said that "SubWar 2050 is a product with an identity crisis. It wants to incorporate sophisticated physical models of the type you'd expect from a true simulation, and yet it wants to have an action game's visuals and pace", citing its including thermal layers, making them "largely irrelevant" with visual-oriented combat, then only providing unsophisticated short-range torpedoes.[4] In 1994, PC Gamer UK named SubWar 2050 the 18th best computer game of all time. The editors called it "a game that will appeal to almost everyone."[5]


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