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Entrance to the Subway from the bottom

The Subway is a colloquial name for a uniquely shaped slot canyon in Zion National Park. It is located between two peaks called the North and South Guardian Angels, deep within the Left Fork of North Creek. It is part of the larger Great West Canyon system, which includes both the Left and Right Forks of North Creek.

The Subway is so named for its tube-like, undercut slot canyons. This segment of canyon is less than 0.25 miles (0.40 km) in length, but long approach and exit hikes are necessary for access.


Canyoneering groups acknowledge two popular routes for visiting the Subway. The through route, for advanced hikers, involves a one-way hike downstream from the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead. The easier route accesses the lower section of the Subway from downstream.

A Back Country Permit is required to visit The Subway. Permits may be obtained at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Permits may be difficult to obtain during peak visitation months.

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Coordinates: 37°18′34″N 113°03′02″W / 37.30944°N 113.05056°W / 37.30944; -113.05056