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The Subzone is a fictional place used as part of Subway's's ad campaign aimed toward young audiences. It is mostly used as a residential area for the Subway Kids who themselves are spokespeople for the campaign. The sub in Subzone is a reference to Subway or Submarine sandwiches. The Subzone campaign on, as of March 2007 has been abandoned.

The advertising campaign[edit]

The's Subzone's ad campaign is largely focused on advertising the Subway Kids' Pak which is Subway's official kids' meal. The word fresh is often used on the website, referencing Subway's slogan, eat fresh. The campaign itself is very little known compared to similar restaurant campaigns such as McDonaldland. Subway itself usually doesn't invest in children's advertising. The site has definitely changed over time, whereas in the site's beginning one could freely explore the Subzone where each place acted as a page of the site. Clicking on the residence of one of the Subway Kids brings you to that Subway Kid's home. This feature of the website has been eliminated bringing up the question whether the Subzone is still part of the campaign. The toys that are included in the Subway Kids' Pak (changed monthly) are specially showcased on the site. The theme associated with the toys is the reason for the similarly themed new content (such as games and flash movies) added monthly to the site.


The six Subway Kids are the main characters of the Subzone and are also mascots for Subway's's advertising campaign. The characters are as follows.

  • Celeste- A pink female alien who is more likely than not the main character of all the Subway Kids, as she usually appears as the hero in many of the stories and games on the site. According to her profile she was bored of her home planet and ultimately went off to the Subzone for a better life. She has the ability to make anything appear at will, especially Subway sandwiches.
  • Cosmo- A green alien who is also Celeste's brother and possesses the same abilities as she does. He followed Celeste into the Subzone.
  • Floid- A defective robot who was destined for the junkyard until he made it to the Subzone. He falls apart some of the time.
  • Flo- Floid's sister who is very affectionate and usually joyful. According to her profile she'll hug anyone or anything in sight.
  • Mook- A hairy orange-haired caveman who is never seen without Gob (see below). He and Gob are the main villains of the Subzone and often try to steal the toys included in the Subway Kids' Pak. It is unknown how he or Gob made it to the Subzone.
  • Gob- A hairy green-haired caveman shorter than Mook and is never seen without him. It has been speculated what relation, if any, do he and Mook have. It has also been speculated that Gob is female which is unlikely but not proven.


  • It's likely that there is more than just one Mook and Gob. In the original layout of, upon entering Mook and Gob's home up to two Mooks and two Gobs can appear at once.
  • Subway's official website,, ran a kids' section before being replaced by

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