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Origin Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1988–1990s
Labels On Top, Ichiban
Members DJ Len
Professor Lazy Rock
Big Jon

Success-n-Effect was an Atlanta-based hip hop group, known for their controversial 1989 single, "Roll It Up My Nigga". The group started out as part of a mixed tape crew named Edward J & the J Team. King Edward J as he is referred to now, is credited as being the original mixed tape king in Atlanta, Georgia.[citation needed] King Edward J is responsible for the first generation of the J Team that included Edward J, Lady DJ, Dangerous D, MC Shy D, DJ Man, DJ Len, and Professor Lazy Rock. The second generation formed after DJ Len and Professor Lazy Rock signed their recording contract, and included King Edward J, DJ Kizzy Rock, MC Jamm, Magic Mark, Playa Poncho, DJ Smurf A.K.A. (Mr. Collipark), Dee Most Def, Erica D, China, DJ Majesty, DJ Dlx, DJ T-Bone, DJ Jaycee (Ludacris' official DJ), and Tre Luv. Success-n-Effect's hit song used extreme racial language but ends on a positive anti-drug, pro-education message.[citation needed] The group is considered one of the more well known early political hip hop groups.[1] DJ Len and Professor Lazy Rock were among its core members.[2] They released two of their three albums on Ichiban Records.


  • 1990: In the Hood
  • 1991: Back-n-Effect
  • 1993: Drive-by of Uh Revolutionist


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