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Success Corporation
Industry Service
Founded June 7, 1978
Founder Yoshinari Takashimori (representative director and president (代表取締役社長))
Headquarters Japan
Area served
Key people
Yoshinari Takashimori
Products Video games, Online games

Success Corporation (株式会社サクセス Kabushiki-Gaisha Sakusesu?) is a Japanese video game and online game developer and publisher, based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and founded on June 7, 1978. They are best known for their Cotton series of shooter games, Zoo Keeper and others. Their most recently published titles include Metal Saga for PlayStation 2 and Minon: Everyday Hero for the Wii console.


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  • Simple series, a series of inexpensive games published by D3, similar to Success's SuperLite series


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