Successor (EP)

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Successor cover.jpg
EP by Sonata Arctica
Released August 7, 2000[1]
Recorded 2000 at Tico Tico studios
Genre Power metal
Length 30:39
Label Spinefarm
Producer Sonata Arctica
Ahti Kortelainen
Sonata Arctica chronology

Successor is an EP by Sonata Arctica, released through Spinefarm Records on August 7, 2000.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tony Kakko.

No. Title Length
1. "FullMoon (edit)" 4:00
2. "Still Loving You (Scorpions cover)" 4:33
3. "I Want Out (Helloween cover)" 3:52
4. "San Sebastian" 4:46
5. "Shy" 4:18
6. "Replica (live)" 4:48
7. "My Land (live)" 4:22
8. "UnOpened (live) (Japanese and South American versions only)" 4:04
9. "FullMoon (live) (Japanese and South American versions only)" 4:54
10. "8th Commandment (live) (French and South American versions)" 3:54
11. "Letter to Dana (live) (French and South American versions only)" 5:32
12. "Kingdom for a Heart (live) (South American version only)" 3:40


Album information[edit]

Successor comprises some live versions of Sonata Arctica's songs, an edited version of the song "FullMoon" from the full length album Ecliptica, two new songs and two cover songs from German bands.

The cover songs are:

The two songs composed for the album are "Shy" (originally a demo from when the band were still called Tricky Means), a ballad, and "San Sebastian", that was re-released on the 2001 album Silence (this song was to be released in Ecliptica, but the band chose to release it on this EP).

Live tracks were performed on June 16, 2000 at Provinssirock Festival, Seinäjoki, Finland.