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Suchá Hora transmitter is a facility for FM- and TV-transmission on 1,231.6 metres high mountain Skalka (Kremnica Mountains) near Banská Bystrica in Slovakia. Suchá Hora transmitter uses as antenna mast a 312 metres tall guyed tubular mast, which is one of the tallest structure of Slovakia and one of the highest elevated supertall structures in Europe. The mast of Suchá Hora transmitter was built in 1960. The transmitter went on service on October 28, 1960. In 1961 a storm blasted the roof of the transmitter building away and in 1962 the 7 ton weighing TV broadcasting antenna, which was covered with ice, fell from 300 metres height to the ground and impacted close to the transmitter building. Close to the tower, there is a small free-standing telecommunication tower built of steel.


Programm ERP
87.7 Jemné Melódie 10.00 kW
90.1 Rádio Slovensko 100.00 kW
97.6 Rádio Anténa 100.00 kW
101.5 Rádio Regina 100.00 kW
104.0 Fun Radio 100.00 kW
106.0 Europa 2 50.00 kW


Channel Number Frequency
Programm Antenna Height ERP
7 Jednotka
266 m 85 kW
32 Dvojka
300 m 360 kW
49 Markíza 300 m 400 kW

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Coordinates: 48°44′17.92″N 18°59′47.20″E / 48.7383111°N 18.9964444°E / 48.7383111; 18.9964444