Such A Pretty Girl

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Such A Pretty Girl
Author Laura Wiess
Country United States
Language English
Subject child molestation, sexual abuse
Genre Fiction, young adult
Publisher MTV Books
Publication date
January 2, 2007
Media type Print (paperback), e-book, audiobook
Pages 212 pages
ISBN 1416521836

Such A Pretty Girl is a 2007 young adult novel by American author Laura Wiess. The book was first published on January 2, 2007 through MTV Books and deals with the subject matter of a teenage girl that must deal with the reality that the father that molested and sexually abused her and several others is getting an early release from jail.

After Such A Pretty Girl's release in 2007, Weiss has received several letters from people of various ages relating their experiences with sexual abuse.[1] Weiss stated that she was inspired to write the novel after viewing a news program about sexual abuse that used the term "offenders", which she felt "minimized the abuse perpetrated".[1]


The story takes place over a time span of 3 days, and set in Estertown, a fictional town in New Jersey. It starts off when Meredith's father was in jail. He was in jail because he molested children. He was supposed to stay in jail for nine years, but its only been three years and he is coming home to Meredith and her mother. Meredith is very disappointed and scared because she knows he will try to hurt her again. Meredith's mother, Sharon, is very happy because she forgives him and thinks that family should stick together. When Charles, Meredith's father, comes home, the whole town is unhappy because they don't like him because they know he will also try to hurt the children again. Some restaurants don't allow them to eat in their restaurants. Because Meredith hates her father, she tries running away several times. The first time, she ran away to her boyfriend Andy's house. Andy is 19 and is paralyzed since the night he graduated High School. He and his religious mother are planning to go to Iowa to meet the victim's soul to cleanse him in the next couple of days. The second time, she went to her Mothers mom's house, who is Mayor. Later in the book, Meredith and Nigel, one of her friends who is a police officer, plan to catch her father . They set cameras all around the house, especially in her room. This is a very big help because Meredith's father tried to hurt her while her mother left them alone together. To save herself, Meredith takes a Virgin Mary statue and hits her father with it. Her father becomes unconscious.

In the aftermath of the attack, her mom is confirmed pregnant and spent the following days by Charles' side in the hospital. Meredith is safe again and now lives at her grandmother's.


Critical reception for Such A Pretty Girl has been positive.[2] The novel was named as one of the ALA's 2008 "Best Books for Young Adults" and YALSA's 2008 "Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers".[3][4] Trade reviews from School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist praised the book's content and handling of the theme of sexual abuse.[5][6][7] Such A Pretty Girl also received several reviews from Kliatt, which also praised the book's themes.[8][9][10]


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