Sucidava, Moesia

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This article is about the settlement in Moesia. For the ancient settlement north of the Danube, see Sucidava.
Sucidava (Moesia)
Sucidava, Moesia is located in Romania
Sucidava, Moesia
Shown within Romania
Location Dunăreni,​ Constanța,​ Romania
Coordinates 44°14′25″N 27°50′56″E / 44.240245°N 27.848985°E / 44.240245; 27.848985Coordinates: 44°14′25″N 27°50′56″E / 44.240245°N 27.848985°E / 44.240245; 27.848985
Altitude 66 m (217 ft)

Sucidava (Ancient Greek: Σουκίδαυα) was an ancient settlement on the Danube, between Durostorum and Axiopolis, most probably located near the modern village of Izvoarele, in Romania. Not to be confused with the Sucidava near Oescus.[1]

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