Suck (band)

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Origin South Africa
Genres Hard rock, acid rock, heavy metal
Years active 1970–1971
Labels Parlophone
Past members Louis Joseph Forer
Stephen Gilroy
Saverio Grande
Andrew Ionnides

Suck were a rock band who were part of South Africa's first wave of hard rock titled, the "Big Heavies". The group lasted eight months between 1970 and 1971, during which they recorded their lone LP, Time to Suck. It was later released in America in 2009.[1] They were also one of the earliest groups to cover Black Sabbath.[2] In March 2007 they were featured in an article in Classic Rock magazine titled "The Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal", where they were referred to as "acidpunk metal".[3]


  • Time to Suck (1970)[1]
  • "Aimless Lady" b/w "The Whip" (1971)
  • Rock Today With the Big Heavies! (1972 - Suck contributed "War Pigs")


  • Andrew Ioannides (South African citizen) - vocals, flute
  • Stephen Gilroy (British citizen) - guitar
  • Louis Forer (South African citizen) - bass
  • Saverio Grande (Italian citizen) - drums



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