Suck This

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Suck This
Live album by The Queers
Released 1995
Genre Punk rock
Label Clearsound Records
The Queers chronology
Beat Off
Suck This
Move Back Home

Suck This is a live album by punk rock band The Queers released in 1995. The vinyl release was unusual because all the tracks were on one side of the record and an etching was on the other side.[1][2][3] The album was recorded at the Jam Room, a South Carolina studio, by engineer Jay Matheson.[4][3][5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Squid Omelet"
  2. "We'd Have a Riot Doing Heroin"
  3. "This Place Sucks"
  4. "Tulu Is a Wimp"
  5. "I Want It Now"
  6. "Monster Zero"
  7. "Noodlebrain"
  8. "Granolahead"
  9. "Hi Mom, It's Me!"
  10. "Teenage Bonehead"
  11. "I Spent the Rent"
  12. "Nothing to Do"
  13. "My Old Man's a Fatso"
  14. "Fuck You"
  15. "Fuck the World"
  16. "I Hate Everything"
  17. "Ursulla Finally Has Tits"
  18. "You're Tripping"

Additional information[edit]

  • Track 2 and 5 are originally from the 1982 "Love Me" EP
  • Tracks 3, 4 and 12 are originally from the 1984 "Kicked Out Of The Webelos" EP
  • Track 1 is originally from the 1990 "Grow Up" LP
  • Track 13 and 15 are originally from the 1993 "Too Dumb To Quit" EP
  • Tracks 6, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18 and 19 are from the 1993 "Love Songs for the Retarded" LP
  • Track 14 is originally from the 1994 "My Old Man's A Fatso" EP



  • "With Suck this Live, the production is a lot tighter, the lineup features Danny Panic and Danny Vapid from Screeching Weasel fame and the songs blast from one track to the next without a breather (excluding "Beer Break," which only lasts for a few seconds anyway). This is the definitive Queers live album that does them justice. And there's not one song that features anything prior to Love Songs for the Retarded album, which is a good thing. " (Mike DaRonco, Allmusic) [1]
  • "Suck This (was) recorded before a small crowd in a South Carolina studio. (It) captures the breathless rush of a Queers set with enthusiastic abandon. (It) features Vapid and Panic from Screeching Weasel in the lineup." (Ira Robbins, Trouser Press) [2]


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