Sudak Municipality

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Sudak City Municipality
Судацька міськрада
Будівля Судацької міської ради.JPG
Location within Crimea
Location within Crimea
Coordinates: 44°51′5″N 34°58′21″E / 44.85139°N 34.97250°E / 44.85139; 34.97250Coordinates: 44°51′5″N 34°58′21″E / 44.85139°N 34.97250°E / 44.85139; 34.97250
Country Disputed:
Republic Crimea
Capital Sudak
 • Total 539 km2 (208 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 32,278
 • Density 60/km2 (160/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+3 (MSK)
Dialing code +7-36566 (de facto)
Website (de facto)

Sudak City Municipality (Ukrainian: Судацька міськрада, Russian: Судакский горсовет, Crimean Tatar: Sudaq şeer şurası), officially "the territory governed by the Sudak city council" is one of the 25 regions of the Crimean peninsula, currently subject to a territorial dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Population: 32,278 (2014 Census).[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Within the framework of administrative divisions of Russia, Sudak is, together with a number of urban and rural localities, incorporated separately as the town of republican significance of Sudak—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.[2] As a municipal division, the town of republican significance of Sudak is incorporated as Sudak Urban Okrug.[3]

Within the framework of administrative divisions of Ukraine, Sudak is incorporated as the town of republican significance of Sudak.[4] Ukraine does not have municipal divisions.

Besides the city of Sudak the region includes the town of Novyi Svet and 14 villages which are organized into 7 communities.

Former Crimean Tatar names which were officially changed in 1945-49 and are now used only by the Crimean Tatar community are mentioned in brackets.

  • Vesele village community
    • Vesele (Qutlaq)
  • Hrushivka village community
    • Hrushivka (Suvuq Sala)
    • Perevalivka (El Buzlu)
    • Kholodivka (Osmançıq)
  • Dachne village community
    • Dachne (Taraq Taş)
    • Lisne (Suvuq Suv)
  • Mizhrichchya village community
    • Mizhrichchya (Ay Serez)
    • Voron
  • Morske village community
    • Morske (Qapsihor)
    • Hromivka (Şelen)
  • Novyi Svit town community
  • Sonyachna Dolyna village community
    • Sonyachna Dolyna (Qoz)
    • Bahativka (Toqluq)
    • Myndalne (Arqa Deresi)
    • Pryberezhne (Kefessiya)


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