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Neighbourhood in Dhanbad
Coordinates: 23°39′16″N 86°26′26″E / 23.6545°N 86.4406°E / 23.6545; 86.4406Coordinates: 23°39′16″N 86°26′26″E / 23.6545°N 86.4406°E / 23.6545; 86.4406
Country India
State Jharkhand
District Dhanbad
Subdistrict Jharia
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Pincode 828126[1]

Sudamdih is a neighbourhood in Dhanbad in Jharkhand state, India.[2][3]


Sudamdih is located at 22°39′26″N 86°26′07″E / 22.65722°N 86.43536°E / 22.65722; 86.43536. Its average elevation is 146.8 m (482 ft) above Sea level.

Sudamdih was combined with other urban units to form Dhanbad Municipal Corporation in 2006.[4][5]Sudamdih is part of Ward No. 51 of Dhanbad Municipal Corporation.[6]

It is 18 km from Dhanbad, 5 km from Sindri, 7 km from Bhaga, 31 km from Adra, 200 km from Khargapur, 212 km from Tatanagar.

It is a developing town which comes under Bharat Cooking Coal Limited's Urban Project. The Damodar River flows along Sudamdih village and divides it from Bokaro.

View of Damodar Bridge

Police station[edit]

Sudamdih police station serves Jharia CD Block.[7]


Coal mines[edit]

Various projects have been going on for utilization of coal which is present in huge amount in Dhanbad. Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited with its headquarters in Dhanbad, works the Sudamdih coal mines since nationalization of coalmines in 1971. It is a more than a century old underground shaft mine and washery.[8] Due to the presence of coal washery, the Damodar river is badly polluted, making its water unusable for local community.

Collieries in the East Jharia Area of BCCL are: Bhowrah North underground mine, Bhowra South colliery, Sudamdih Inclined Mine, Sudamdih Shaft Mine, Pathardih Colliery and Amlabad colliery/ project. East Jharia Area has a reserve of 508.493 million tonnes.[9]

About 17.85 hectares of East Jharia Area are affected by fire and subsidence, because of primitive methods of mining at shallow depths in the pre-nationalization era. All the quarries and subsidized areas affected by fire at Sudamdih and Pathardih have been filled up.[9]

Mining has been going on in the underground mines in this area for about 100 years. Working conditions in these mines being amongst the most difficult in the world, good quality prime coking coal in the lower seams still remain untapped.[9]


Sudamdih railway station is on the Jharia Coalfield rail network.

Trekkers and state buses are available, which connect Sudamdih to Jharia, Dhanbad, Bhaga and Sindri.


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