Sudan (beverage)

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Place of originKorea
Associated national cuisineKorean cuisine
Similar dishesHwachae
Korean name
Revised Romanizationsudan

Sudan (수단; 水團/水𩜵) is a traditional Korean punch made with boiled grain cake balls and honied water.[1] It is usually served during the summer for quenching thirst. Traditionally Sudan was always served during a village rite in 6th month in lunar calendar. Korean farmers prayed for a bountiful harvest and god's blessing for their life in the future by making food offering including foods and Sudan drink. It is sometimes considered a type of hwachae.[2]

Hwachae made with rice (or other grain) cakes or rice (or other grain) balls are called sudan (수단).[3]

  • Bori-sudan (보리수단; "barley punch") – made with steamed barely, mung bean starch, and omija juice.[4]
  • Tteok-sudan (떡수단; "rice cake punch") – garae-tteok made with thinly sliced garaetteok (tubed rice cake), mung bean starch, and honey.[4]
  • Wonso-byeong (원소병; "rice ball punch") – made with ball-shaped tteok with fillings of minced jujube or citrus jam floated in honeyed juice.[2][4]

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