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Founded 1997
Founder Government of Sudan
Headquarters Coordinates: 15°33′39″N 32°33′6″E / 15.56083°N 32.55167°E / 15.56083; 32.55167, Khartoum, Sudan
Key people
Awad Alkarim (Director General)

The Sudan National Petroleum Corporation, also known as Sudapet, is a state-owned oil company based in Sudan. It was founded in 1997 and is 100% owned by the Ministry for Energy and Mining.

As of 2006 Sudapet is not active in oil exploitation, but rather serves to manage revenues the Sudanese government receives from its concessions to foreign operators. At the same time there have been efforts within the government and among the company's principles to develop the resources and know-how to transform Sudapet into a fully self-sufficient enterprise in the oil exploitation space.[1]


In November 1997, the United States imposed sanctions against Sudan on the basis that profits from oil were being used to fuel the civil war. In February 2000, the US government extended its sanctions to include Sudapet and the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC). This was a contentious move in that Canadian international Talisman Energy was a 25% shareholder in GNPOC.[2]


The company is a minority stakeholder in all of its exploitation and development projects. Its activities break down as follows:

Year started partner project Block Activity
1995 CNPCIS 5% 6 New contract 2003, construction of a pipeline from Al-Fulah to Khartoum with a capacity of 200,000 barrels per day (32,000 m3/d), in production since 2004
1996 GNPOC 5% 1,2,4 building of a pipeline from Heglig to Port Sudan, exploration, producing 50,000 barrels per day (7,900 m3/d) since 1999, 290,000 per day since July 2004, planned production of 500,000 per day by 2006 (delayed due to technical difficulties)
1996/1997 WNPOC 7% 5A exploration since 1999
2000 PDOC 8% 3,7
2001 WNPOC 11% 5B exploration since 2006
2003 WNPOC 15% 8 seismic exploration as of July, 2004
2003 Sudapak 15% 9 exploration 2004
2003 APCO 17% C seismic exploration since 2004
Oil and Gas Concessions in Sudan - 2004

CNPCIS:renamed to 'Petro Energy E & P'
GNPOC:Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company
PDOC:Petrodar Operating Company
WNPOC:White Nile Petroleum Operating Company
Sudapak:Sudapak Industrial Corporation
APCO:Advanced Petroleum Company

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