Sudbury Star

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Sudbury Star
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Postmedia
Publisher Karsten Johansen
Editor Don MacDonald
Founded 1909
Headquarters 128 Pine Street, Sudbury, Ontario
Circulation 14,934 weekdays
15,423 Saturdays in 2011[1]
ISSN 0839-2544
Website Sudbury Star

The Sudbury Star is a Canadian daily regional newspaper, published in Sudbury, Ontario. It is owned by the media company Postmedia.[2]

It is the largest paper in Northeastern Ontario by circulation, discounting the free EMC paper published by the Sault Star on Fridays.


The Sudbury Star began as a daily in January 1909 as the Daily Northern Star,[3] but it was in trouble in the first year of operation.[4] Staff took over ownership of the struggling newspaper, led by foreman William Edge Mason, who then found 10 prominent investors to provide financial backing to the paper.[4]

W.E. Mason Equipment was created to take over management of the paper and by the start of World War I, the paper was flourishing.[4]

In 1948 Mason died and the ownership was taken over by his W.E. Mason Estate and sold to the paper's publisher and general manager J. R. Meakes in 1950.

In 1955 the paper was acquired by Thomson Newspapers. The paper was subsequently sold to Hollinger Inc. in 1997, Osprey Media in 2001 and to Sun Media in 2007. In 2015, Postmedia acquired Sun Media.

In October 2013, the paper moved from its longtime home at 33 MacKenzie Street in Sudbury to new offices at 128 Pine Street.[5]

The managing editor of the Sudbury Star is Don MacDonald, who assumed the role in 2014.

Former staff[edit]

President and Trustee

  • George Miller, Q.C 1950-1955

Publisher and General Manager

  • George J. Ashworth, editor 1909-1910
  • J.R. Meakes ?-1975
  • John Friesen 1975-1981
  • Don R. Herron 1981-1986
  • Maurice H. Switzer 1986-1992
  • Jon C. Butler 1992-1995
  • Ken Seguin 1995-2003
  • Dan Johnson 2003-2004
  • David Kilgour 2004-2009
  • Bruce Cowan 2009-2012
  • Ray Lavigne 2012-2013
  • David Kilgour 2013-2014
  • Karsten Johansen 2014-to present

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