Sudden Attack

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Sudden Attack
Developer(s) South Korea NEXON GT
Publisher(s) South Korea NEXON & Netmarble

Japan Gameyarou
Taiwan Gamania
China Shanda Games
Brazil Level Up! Games
MalaysiaSingaporeThailand AsiaSoft
United Kingdom NEXON
Turkey GameTürk

Designer(s) NEXON GT
Engine Lithtech Jupiter
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) South Korea April 11, 2005

Japan July 26, 2007
Thailand 1 July 2008
MalaysiaSingapore March 21, 2009
United StatesUnited KingdomCanada September 2009
Brazil September, 2011
Taiwan April 18, 2012
Turkey May 14, 2012

Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Sudden Attack (Korean: 서든어택) is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter online game developed by the South Korean company GameHi (Currently known as NEXON GT) and taken over by Nexon. On December 2, 2013, Nexon America C.E.O. Min Kim announced plans to discontinue Sudden Attack North America service. Nexon America terminated Sudden Attack on January 29, 2014.

Game play[edit]

There are two teams in the game, red and blue. Red is the Tanzirilo Independence Force, and blue is the United Great Force. There are various types of game play matches in different maps. Deathmatch, Destruction, capture the flag, or custom modes (sniper only, pistol only, or knife only). Both teams must satisfy conditions, such as defusing a bomb, successful planting and detonation, or achieving an amount of kills.

Game modes[edit]

AI/Bot Mode: The player competes with computer-controlled bots instead of real players. Few rewards are given for playing this game mode.

Battle Mode: Three teams (Blue team, Red team and Green team) of up to 5 players per team battle in a Siege-like game mode. There are three capture points, each outside a team's base. The team that manages to capture most of the points when the time runs out wins the round, while capturing all three points simultaneously will grant instant victory to the team. This mode is later removed from the Southeast Asian server due to unpopularity after some time.

Heartbeat Mode: This mode is much like Mission/Bomb Plantation mode, with each team given heartbeat sensors (Default key: 6) to detect nearby enemies. Players are vulnerable when using the heartbeat sensor.

Ace Mode: This mode can hold from 3 to 5 players per team. This mode is partially similar to Mission/Bomb Plantation mode. The players fight on a one-on-one battle. The loser gets eliminated and the next ally has to take his/her place in the next round, while the winner advances to the next round. Options can be set to keep the winner's health from the previous duel or completely regenerate it.

Invisible Mode/Stealth: This mode is much like Mission/Bomb Plantation mode, but the Red team will play as stealth characters. The Red team is only equipped with a knife, paralyzing bomb and C4. The characters will remain completely invisible if stood still for a few seconds, while actions like running or attacking will make them visible again. The Red team's characters will create a breathing sound, so that Blue team can tell whether a Red team member is present in the area. Grenades are unavailable for Blue team.

Team Deathmatch: First team to hit the kill goal wins the match. Or the team with most kill when the time expired, wins.

Mission/Bomb Plantation: A "search-and-destroy" type of game mode. Red team is given the C4 and the Blue team must defuse if it was planted. There are two planting locations in each map available to this mode. If the Red team is Eliminated the game is also won. If time runs out the Blue team wins by Default.

Free Fire: All players will compete with each other in a deathmatch and the first person to hit the kill goal wins the match.

Hostage Rescue: Blue team has to rescue a specific hostage inside a specific time limit. The hostage is located in the middle of the map and Blue team must first release the hostage (being tied up to a wall) and bring her/him to the safe zone. Additional time is awarded when Blue team successfully releases the hostage, but both teams stop respawning until the next match after releasing the hostage. Blue team wins if they successfully escort the hostage to the safe zone or by releasing the hostage and successfully kill every player in the Red team. Red Team wins either by stopping Blue Team from rescuing the hostage or by killing every player in the Blue Team after releasing the hostage.

Property Defense/Siege/Control: The Red Team or Blue Team must control the objective in the middle of the map for the longest. The Game is won if either team successful completes the timer or if they are the last team to have control of the objective when the match time runs out.

Item Retrieval/Capture the Target/Escort: The Blue team must capture the objects on the map and bring them back to the drop zone. The Red team, however, must stop them by any means. Game is successful won if both objects are escorted, or if 1 is escorted and another destroyed. The Red team wins if the targets are not captured and time runs out.

Sub Mission/Special Mode: Generally, the point of this game mode is limited. Meaning you are unable to play normally. For example, the map cross counter is a sniper rifle only map meaning only sniper rifles, sidearms and knives are allowed to be used. Another example is the map monkey garden. Where you can only use your knife. Note that when hosting a room it is possible to make normal maps have these rules by going into room settings

Touchdown Mode: Both teams try to acquire a target and try to make a touchdown on the enemy's base.

Runaway Mode: Red team tries to kill the blue team with a basic knife only. Blue team is only allowed to run away from the red team and is allowed to use grenades. The Blue team must dodge and otherwise avoid the Red teams attacks until the time limit is met. If the Blue team is eliminated before the time limit is exceeded then the red team wins.

Headhunt Mode: Everyone can only kill by headshots.If a player shoots the opponent's body, the shooter will be killed instantly, while the opponent re-spawns immediately without counting death score.

Big Head Mode: Players begin the game but with a big head. In the game mode, there's a meter on the top of the screen. If a player kills an opponent, his head will become bigger until he/she reach the maximum stage which will make the player become an Invincible Head. Their head will get smaller if they get killed by an opponent. When a player becomes an Invincible Head he/she will become invincible and use a toy hammer as a weapon for 15 seconds and after 15 seconds the invincibility is going to be taken off and that player has to run off to other side safe to not get killed by enemies.

Vampire Mode: In this mode, players are randomly chosen to be the Host Vampire and the rest of the players will be the Vampire Hunters. As a Host Vampire, your objective is to kill and turn the Hunters into Vampires. As Hunters, your objective is to kill the Vampires and prevent them from respawning (by using Pile V.H. melee weapon) or just survive until the time is over.

MVP Mode: *Unreleased outside of Korea*

Invert Mode: *Unreleased outside of Korea*

Jurassic/Dino Mode: *Unreleased outside of Korea*

Zombie Mode/Restricted Area: *Unreleased outside of Korea*

Money System[edit]

There are two types of currencies: Cash and Points. Cash is based on real money and can be charged in exchange for a monetary payment, cell phone billing, or home phone billing and by bank transfer. Points can be earned from playing games. Points and cash can be spent at the in-game shop. Points are used for buying weapons. Cash enables the purchase of in-game boosts (i.e. +50% points) and special bonus items, along with special team-specific outfits. Cash and points can also be earned through promotions such as corporate agreements between Netmarble and SK Telecom or KTF where a user can add their cellular phone number to a call list.

Change of Publisher in Taiwan[edit]

On September 30, 2011, Sudden Attack's Taiwanese publisher, Gamon, announced it would not renew its contract with Nexon to operate Sudden Attack in Taiwan. A Few months later, Gamania, which had published many of Nexon's games including Counter-Strike Online, obtained the rights. The game was renamed "S.A. STORM" (traditional Chinese突擊風暴). The game's closed beta started on February 22, 2012 and became fully operational on April 18, 2012.[1]


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