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Suddie is a community in the Pomeroon-Supenaam region of Guyana, located on the Atlantic Ocean coast at 7°7′0″N 58°28′58.8″W / 7.11667°N 58.483000°W / 7.11667; -58.483000Coordinates: 7°7′0″N 58°28′58.8″W / 7.11667°N 58.483000°W / 7.11667; -58.483000, 1 mile north of Onderneeming.

Suddie Hospital is a small (approximately 100-bed) hospital. Rural outreach clinics are sent into the interior and along the Essequibo River from Suddie Hospital. Suddie also has a market. A High Court was opened in 2005. Churches include St Anne's Anglican Church. It has a Police Station, Post Office and a Cricket Ground.

Written by Alvin W. Forrester a Guyanese by birth, Born 1941 at the Suddie Hospital (British Guiana) 1941-1978 I can recall Suddie being called the Capital Village for the Essequibo Coast. The Coast line has a one single road-way leading from Supenaam to Charity, Buses, Cars, heavy duty government vehicles, commercial vehicles, bicyclist and pedestrian use this same road daily. About two or three miles from Suddie travelling west there were some localities or villages like: Zorge, Golden Fleece & Golden Fleece Estate. Perseverance No.1, Perseverance No.2 and Perseverance Estate, Cullen and Abram Zuil extended down. Major agricultural activities were rice farming, ground provisions coconut trees plantation, Awara Trees Plantation, and families engaging in large scale community competition like kitchen gardening and poultry raising activities. Guyanese National: Indians & Blacks also one or two small families of portuguese and chinese origin. The two main Educational Institutions flanking our village or residence Note: The Corbin family was the only prominent Black family living in this →*Perseverance No.2 (AKA Perseverance Front) My Father Leslie S. Corbin and my Mother Ivy M.Corbin/nee Forrester and seven children, four boys and three girls grew up here. The Golden Fleece Government School & Abram Zuil Methodist School. The Government in power at the time provided rapid funding for advancement of Education for Indians of the Golden Fleece District by building a school for this community while ignoring the education advancement of blacks in all other areas. During this period many schools that were run by christian-like religious organization integrated children of all nationalities into their system of education. GREAT APPLAUSE: The Building of this school was a very good deed by the Government towards education-but conversely it did not send a nice feeling in the area of integration for all "British Guiana" children and Teachers who wanted to attend or teach at this school. [ [Category:Populated places in Guyana]]