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Sudeep Sen
Born1964 (age 53–54)

Sudeep Sen (born 1964) is an Indian English poet and editor living in London and New Delhi.[1]

Early life[edit]

Sen was educated at St Columba's School in Delhi and received a degree in English literature from Hindu College, University of Delhi. An Inlaks Scholar, he received a master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. Sen also received a master's degree in English and creative writing from Hollins University, and was an international scholar at Davidson College. He was an international poet-in-residence at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, and a visiting scholar at Harvard University.[1]


Sen's books include Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems, Rain, Aria, Postcards from Bangladesh, Fractals: New & Selected Poems | Translations 1980-2015 and EroText. His works have been translated into Arabic, Bengali, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Malayalam, Persian, Punjabi, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.[2][self-published source]

He has edited several anthologies, including The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry, World Literature Today Writing from Modern India,The Literary Review Indian Poetry and Midnight's Grandchildren: Post-Independence English Poetry from India. Sen's writings have appeared in newspapers, magazines and journals and been broadcast on radio and television, such as the Times Literary Supplement, Newsweek, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Telegraph, Financial Times, Herald, Poetry Review, Literary Review, Harvard Review, Hindu, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express, Outlook and India Today.

Sen has written poetry for the film, Flying Home, directed by Michael Walling and produced by Border Crossing and Arts Council. His poetic contributions to stage plays include Vesuvius and BodyText. Both were directed by Michael Walling and produced by Border Crossing. Among his poetic contribution are the stage shows Texture Tone Topography: Poetry & Jazz, T3 & Woman, J3: Jibanananda Jazz Jugalbandi, [Wo]man, and Rain.[1] Sen has directed a staged reading, Midnight's Grandchildren: Contemporary Indian Poetry in English.


Year Works Awards
2018 Postcards from Bangladesh UPL Excellence Award[3]
2017 EroText Global Literary Festival Award for Literary Excellence[4]
2017 EroText Best Book of the Year[5]
2009 Aria AK Ramanujan Translation Award[6]
2009 Blue Nude Jorge Zalamea Poetry Award[7]
2007 Kathak Literary Award[8]
2004 Pleiades Honour[9]



  • Path to Inspiration (2017) (with Setsuko Klossowska de Rola & Homa Arzhangi)
  • Incarnat | Incarnadine (2017)
  • Fractals: New & Selected Poems | Translations 1980-2015 (2015)
  • Fractals: New & Selected Poems|Translations 1978-2013 (2013)
  • Mediterraneo (2012)
  • Ladakh (2012)
  • Winter Frances (2010)
  • Heat (2009)
  • Rain (2005)
  • Distracted Geography: An Archipelago of Intent (2003)
  • Prayer Flag (2003)
  • Monsoon (2002)
  • Perpetual Diary (2001)
  • A Blank Letter (2000)
  • Lines of Desire (2000)
  • Almanac (2000)
  • Retracing American Contours (1999)
  • Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems (1997)
  • Dali's Twisted Hands (1995)
  • Mount Vesuvius in Eight Frames (1994)
  • South African Woodcut (1994)
  • Parallel (1993)
  • New York Times (1993)
  • Kali in Ottava Rima (1992)
  • The Lunar Visitations (1990)
  • The Man in the Hut (1986)
  • Leaning Against the Lamp-Post (1983)


  • EroText (2016)
  • BodyText: Dramatic Monologues in Motion (2009)
  • Postcards from Bangladesh (2002) (with Tanvir Fattah & Kelley Lynch)


  • Aria (2009)
  • Love Poems (2005)
  • Spellbound & Other Poems (2003)
  • Love & Other Poems (2001)
  • In Another Tongue (2000)

Editor, co-editor[edit]

  • 2015: World English Poetry. Dhaka: Bengal Foundation.
  • 2013: The Prairie Schooner Feast Anthology of Poetry by Indian Women. University of Nebraska.
  • 2012 The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry. HarperCollins.
  • 2012 The Yellow Nib: Modern English Poetry by Indians. Belfast: Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Queens University.
  • 2011 Poetry Review Centrefold Portfolio of Indian Poetry. UK: Poetry Review.
  • 2010 World Literature Today: Writing from Modern India. University of Oklahoma.
  • 2009 The Literary Review. Indian Poetry. Fairleigh Dickinson University.
  • 2006 Biblio South Asian English Poetry (portfolio). New Delhi: Biblio.
  • 2006–present Atlas: New Writing, Art & Image. London, New York, New Delhi: Aark Arts.
  • 2005 Sestet: Six New Writers. Berlin: Free University & London: Aark Arts.
  • 2004 Midnight's Grandchildren: Post-Independence English Poetry from India. Macedonia: Struga Poetry Evenings (in Macedonian).
  • 2002 Dash: Four New German Writers. Berlin: Humboldt University & London: Aark Arts.
  • 2002 Shawkat Haider: A Day with Destiny. Dhaka: Azeez.
  • 2001 Hayat Saif: Selected Poems. Dhaka: Pathak Samabesh.
  • 2001 The British Council Book of Emerging English Poets from Bangladesh. Dhaka: The British Council.
  • 2001-18: Six Seasons Review. Dhaka: University Press Limited & London: Aark Arts.
  • 1998 Index for Censorship (poems); Songs of Partition (portfolio). London: Index for Censorship
  • 1996 Lines Review Twelve Modern Young Indian Poets. Edinburgh: Lines Review.
  • 1995 Wasafiri: Contemporary Writing from India, South Asia and the Diaspora. University of London.


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Further reading[edit]

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