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Gurusar Sudhar
Punjabies Indian
Gurusar Sadhar
Country  India
State Punjab
District Ludhiana
 • Body Panchayat
 • Official Punjabi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 141104
Telephone code 01624
Nearest city Ludhiana
Lok Sabha constituency Fatehgarh sahib
Vidhan Sabha constituency Raikot
Civic agency Panchayat

Gurusar Sudhar is a township in the district of Ludhiana in Punjab, India. It falls in the Raikot sub-division.


According to census 2001 it has a population of 5728, of which 3003 are males and 2725 are females. The number of households is 1102.

picture of an old bridge over the canal running through Sudhar that has since been dismantled


Sudhar is divided into the vague and somewhat overlapping areas of Sudhar village, Sudhar Bazaar, Gurusar Sudhar, and Pul Sudhar. It is located nearly at the middle of the road connecting Mullanpur and Raikot; and is flanked by the townships/villages of Halwara, Ghuman, Hissowal, Aitiana, Akalgarh, Rattowal, Toosa, Sidhwan and Bhora. The Abohar Canal, which is a distributary of Satluj river and a tributary of Indus river, flows through it.

Educational institutions[edit]

The place is home to G.H.G. Khalsa College and G.H.G. Khalsa College of Education, which are counted amongst the pioneering institutions of higher education in rural Punjab. The bhangra team of G.H.G college is famous for being one of the best in the country and has won several competitions. The first bhangra team was established in 1968 and its captain was Sardar Jarnail Singh Gill . It also has a couple of primary and secondary schools. The two Kendriya Vidyalayas and one Air Force School in adjoining Halwara are well respected schools and attract a large number of students from the region.

Medical facilities[edit]

Sudhar is home to Premjit Memorial Government Hospital. It also has a handful of private nursing homes. High end medical care is available in the nearby Ludhiana city.

Socio-cultural landscape[edit]

People of several faiths live at Sudhar. Despite the overarching presence of Sikhs and Sikh practices, people of all religions freely practise their faith and extensively intermingle with each other. The place has two Sikh Gurudwaras and a Hindu temple. A church and the tomb of a Muslim peer are present in adjoining Halwara

Sudhar is known for being the place where Guru Hargobind Sahib, the sixth guru of the Sikhs, gave his shoes to Bhai Jawanda ji for wearing, who kept them as a valued gift. His descendents still have those shoes and people from all over Punjab and India visit Sudhar to see those shoes and seek blessings.

Notable people[edit]

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