Sudhanoti District

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Map of Azad Kashmir with Sudhanoti highlighted
Map of Azad Kashmir with Sudhanoti highlighted
Country Pakistan
Headquarters Pallandri
 • Total 569 km2 (220 sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 2

Sudhanoti (also spelled Sudhanuti) (Urdu: ضلع سدھنوتی ‎) is one of the eight districts of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan.[1] Sudhanoti is located at Latitude 33° 42′ 54″ N, Longitude 73° 41′ 9″ E.[citation needed]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Map of Sudhnoti

Sudhanoti District is divided into four tehsils:[2]

The city of Pullandri is the district headquarters.


According to the Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2015, Sudhanoti is ranked 49 out of 148 districts in terms of education. For facilities and infrastructure, the district is ranked 147 out of 148. [3]

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Coordinates: 33°42′54″N 73°41′09″E / 33.71500°N 73.68583°E / 33.71500; 73.68583