Sudirman Range

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Barisan Sudirman
Grasberg mine located in the middle of Sudirman Range
Highest point
Peak Puncak Jaya (Indonesia)
Elevation 4,884 m (16,024 ft)
Coordinates 4°4′44″S 137°9′30″E / 4.07889°S 137.15833°E / -4.07889; 137.15833Coordinates: 4°4′44″S 137°9′30″E / 4.07889°S 137.15833°E / -4.07889; 137.15833
Length 320 km (200 mi)
Lorentz National Park map-en.svg
Puncak Jaya and its surroundings
Countries Indonesia

The Sudirman Range or Dugunduguoo or Nassau Range is a mountain range in Papua province, Indonesia. It comprises a western portion of the Maoke Mountains. The highest peak in Oceania and Australasia, Puncak Jaya (4,884 m), is located here, as well as the large Grasberg copper and gold mine, operated by the Freeport company based out of the United States. Other peaks of the Sudirman Range are:

Puncak Jaya in the center of the Sudirman Range

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