Sudost River

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Coordinates: 52°19′56″N 33°23′54″E / 52.33222°N 33.39833°E / 52.33222; 33.39833

Sudost, Судость
Судость в районе Юдиново.jpg
Sudost River
Country Russia, Ukraine
Basin features
Main source Bryansk Oblast, Russia
River mouth Desna
Basin size 5,850 km2 (2,260 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 208 km (129 mi)

The Sudost River (Russian: Судость; Ukrainian: Судость) is a river in Bryansk Oblast in Russia and Chernihiv Oblast in Ukraine. It is a right tributary of the Desna River. Some sections of the river form the Russia–Ukraine border.

The length of the Sudost River is 208 kilometers (129 mi). The area of its basin is approximately 5,850 square kilometers (2,260 sq mi). The river freezes up in November and December, and stays icebound until late March–early April.

The town of Pochep and the urban-type settlement of Pogar stand on the river.