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Sue Hamilton is a British archaeologist who is a Professor of Prehistory at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.[1] A specialist in Later European Prehistory, she has published various papers and academic books on the subject based upon her own research.

A director of the Bodmin Moor Landscape Project from 1995 to 2000, she focused on studying the Neolithic and Bronze Age aspects of the moor's landscape. Working alongside Christopher Tilley and Barbara Bender, they later produced a book documenting their work, Stone Worlds: Narrative and Reflexive in Landscape Archaeology (2006).[2]

From 2006 onwards, Hamilton has co-directed the Rapa Nui Landscapes (Easter Island) of Construction Project, in which she looks at the Easter Island statues. In doing so, both herself and Professor Colin Richards of the University of Manchester became "the first British archaeologists to work on the island since 1914."[3]

Sue Hamilton became the first female Director of the UCL Institute of Archaeology on 1 September 2014.[4]


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