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Sue Records was also the name of a Louisiana-based record company which owned Jewel Records (Shreveport record label).

Sue Records ("The Sound of Soul") was founded in 1957 by Henry 'Juggy' Murray in New York City. Also within the group was Symbol Records and Eastern Records. Sue also financed and distributed A.F.O. Records owned by Harold Battiste in New Orleans.


Sue's first success came with Bobby Hendricks and Don Covay and continued into the sixties with Ike and Tina Turner, The Duals' "Stick Shift" and "Mockingbird" by Inez and Charlie Foxx. Further hits were by Justine "Baby" Washington, the Soul Sisters and Jimmy McGriff.

Murray initially released his records in the UK through Decca's London Records but switched to a licensing deal with Island Records in 1964. This deal resulted in a split in the ownership of the Sue name. Island used the label to distribute Sue in the UK. Problems began when Island also leased discs from other US labels that interested them and released them on UK Sue too - which was not in the agreement.

After failing to chart in the U.S., Murray sold the Sue masters to United Artists Records, but retained rights to the Sue name and constantly attempted to re-activate the label until his death in 2005. The Sue Records catalog eventually ended up with EMI, and then with Universal Music Group upon EMI's being bought out in 2012.


Sue Records were best known for their R&B and Rock 'n' Roll singles but released a number of LPs between 1958 and 1966 featuring popular and jazz artists.[1][2]

Sue LP-2000 Popular/R&B Series[edit]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
LP-2001 The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner Ike & Tina Turner
LP-2002 Stick Shift The Duals
LP-2003 Dance with Ike and Tina Turner and Their Kings of Rhythm Ike & Tina Turner instrumental album - Tina Turner does not sing on any tracks
LP-2004 Dynamite! Ike & Tina Turner
LP-2005 Don't Play Me Cheap Ike & Tina Turner
LP-2007 It's Gonna Work Out Fine Ike & Tina Turner

Sue LP/STLP-1000 Popular/Jazz Series[edit]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
LP-1011 Have Mood, Will Call Will Davis Trio
LP-1012/STLP-1012 I've Got a Woman Jimmy McGriff
LP-1013/STLP-1013 One of Mine Jimmy McGriff
LP-1014/STLP-1014 That's How Heartaches Are Made Baby Washington
LP-1015/STLP-1015 The New Sound of Ernestine Anderson Ernestine Anderson
LP-1016/STLP-1016 Groove House Ray Bryant
LP-1017/STLP-1017 Jimmy McGriff at the Apollo Jimmy McGriff
LP-1018 Christmas with McGriff Jimmy McGriff
LP-1019 Live at Basin Street East Ray Bryant
LP-1020/STLP-1020 Jimmy McGriff at the Organ Jimmy McGriff
LP-1021 The Sue Story Various Artists Compilation of singles - also released as Old Goodies
LP-1022/STLP-1022 I Can't Stand It Soul Sisters
LP-1023/STLP-1023 So Far Away Hank Jacobs
LP-1024/STLP-1024 Like Dixie, But... Dick Vance and His Dixieland Kings
LP-1025/STLP-1025 Speak Your Piece Joe Thomas and Bill Elliott
LP-1026 Scandal in Montego Bay Percy Dixon and His Merry Boys
LP-1027 Mockingbird Inez Foxx Reissue of Symbol 4400
LP-1028/STLP-1028 Jack and Julie Jack Melady and Julius Ehrenwerth Reissue of Sue LP-8000 Things with Strings
LP-1029/STLP-1029 Yours Truly Jack and Julie Jack Melady and Julius Ehrenwerth
LP-1030/STLP-1030 "Sweets" for the Sweet "Sweets" Edison
LP-1031/STLP-1031 Joan Shaw in Person Joan Shaw
LP-1032/STLP-1032 Cold Turkey Ray Bryant
LP-1033/STLP-1033 Topkapi Jimmy McGriff
LP-1034 I Have a Dream The Juggy Murray Orchestra arranged by Fred Norman
LP-1035/STLP-1035 Flip Phillips Revisited Flip Phillips
LP-1036/STLP-1036 Soul Ray Bryant
LP-1037/STLP-1037 Inez & Charlie Foxx Inez and Charlie Foxx
LP-1038/STLP-1038 The Greatest Hits of Ike & Tina Turner Ike & Tina Turner Compilation
LP-1039/STLP-1039 Blues for Mister Jimmy Jimmy McGriff
LP-1040 Another Step Forward Spoken word album documenting civil rights speeches
LP-1041/STLP-1041 Hits Au-Go-Go Jimmy Oliver and the Soul Twisters
LP-1042/STLP-1042 Only Those in Love Baby Washington
LP-1043/STLP-1043 A Toast to Jimmy McGriff's Greatest Hits Jimmy McGriff Compilation
LP-1044 In Sweden Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford

Other Releases[edit]

  • LP-3001: Thank You, Lord - National Independent Gospel Singers of Atlanta Georgia (1960)
  • LP-8000: Things with Strings - Julie & Jack (1963)
  • SSLP-8801: Let's Work Together - Wilbert Harrison

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