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Hung Suet-nei (Chinese: 熊雪妮), known as Suet Nei or Suet Nay (Chinese: 雪妮) is a Hong Kong actress born in 1945, Hong Kong. She is a veteran actress, having acted for many years. She has starred in martial arts Cantonese operas, due to her skill in martial arts. She signed with TVB in 1988.[1]

TVB Series[edit]

Year Name of Drama Role
1998 Old Time Buddy-To Catch a Thief Ching Seung Seung (程雙雙)
Secret of the Heart Koo Yuk Mei (顧玉媚)
1999 Happy Ever After Empress Xiaoshengxian (孝圣宪皇后)
At the Threshold of an Era Yip Li Bi Zun (葉李碧珍)
Detective Investigation Files IV Tang Fang (鄧芳)
2000 At the Threshold of an Era II Yip Li Bi Zun (葉李碧珍)
2001 A Taste of Love Ha Song Guk (夏桑菊)
Country Spirit Lau Yuk Fung (劉玉鳳)
2002 Invisible Journey Yuk Bo Jan (王寶珍)
The Trust of a Life Time Lam Fung Ping(林鳳萍)
2003 In The Realm Of Fancy Ching Dai Leung (程大娘)
The 'W' Files Aunt Ho (何媽)
2004 Lady Fan Lei San Sing Mo (梨山聖母)
To Catch The Uncatchable Betty (劉並蒂)
The Last Breakthrough Cheung Sau Yu (張秀瑜)
2005 Fantasy Hotel Wong Siu Diep (王小蝶)
Wars of In-laws (Ling Lo Wai Qing)( 甯羅慧卿)
Women on the Run Kam Lo-Tai 金老太
2006 Greed Mask Ching Yuen Mei (程婉媚)
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Master Yeen (言靜庵)
Safe Guards Tseng Sau Ping 鄭秀萍
CIB Files Ngo (娥)
2007 Men Don't Cry Chin Ngoi Fa (錢愛花)
Face to Fate Man Li Fong (閔李芳)
2008 Phoenix Rising Tsui Wah (徐娃)
Au Revoir Shanghai Kam Yim Hong (金艷紅)
Best Selling Secrets Man Tsz Qing (文子卿)
D.I.E. Cheung Muk Lan (張沐蘭)
The Silver Chamber of Sorrows Ko Tai Kwan (高太君)
The Money-Maker Recipe Cheung Bao Lai Hing (蔣鮑麗卿)
The Four Mama Yeung (羊大媽)
2009 The King of Snooker Ning Mung Tim (寧夢甜)
Rosy Business Gwai Yuk Yu (季玉如)
You're Hired Ha Ching Ching (夏青青)
The Threshold of a Persona Wong Gwai Ho (黃桂好)
D.I.E. Again Cheung Muk Lan(張沐蘭)
ICAC Investigators 2009 Grandmother Chung 鍾婆婆
2010 My Better Half Nam Bat Hang 藍畢珩
Some Day Shek Ko Yim Yung (石高豔容)
Beauty Knows No Pain Wong Wai Qing(王蕙卿)
A Pillow Case of Mystery II Wong Sheung (黃嫦)
Twilight Investigation Cheung Lai Fong(張麗芳)
2011 A Great Way to Care Cheung Yim Fong(章艷芳)
Only You Cheung Suet Ha(張雪霞)
Relic of an Emissary Grandmother Kam (金婆婆)
River of Wine Sung Tsz Kam (宋芷琴)
Til Love Do Us Lie (羅少紅)
2012 Queens of Diamonds and Hearts Chu Shi (朱氏)(Ngan Ying's grandmoter)
No Good Either Way
The Last Steep Ascent Tsui Siu-mui (徐小妹)
2013 Sniper Standoff Law Oi-yau (羅愛友)
2013-2014 Return of the Silver Tongue Pau Heung
2015 Raising the Bar (雪妮)
Eye in the Sky Grandma Mui (梅婆)
Smooth Talker Chung Yan-giu (鍾欣嬌)
Every Step You Take Leung Giu (梁嬌)
2016 Short End of the Stick Kam Suk(金淑)