Suet cake

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A blue tit feeding on a suet cake
A ring-shaped suet cake being formed in a mold, by adding melted fat to a mix of seeds

Suet cakes or fat balls are nutritional supplements for wild birds used in bird feeders.[1] They commonly consist of sunflower seeds and wheat or oat flakes mixed with suet, pork fat, or coconut oil. Further blends may also contain nuts, fruits, mealworms and other insects.[2]

Next to balls, which are predominantly common in Northern and Central Europe, suet cakes may take various shapes such as rectangles, rings, or wheels.[2] Fat balls are often sold within a fine plastic net allowing their suspension, such as on branches or in bushes. The nets can, however, be a danger to other species, such as deer, who may find the balls and eat them whole.[3] Other forms of suet cakes can be placed within suspendable cages.[2]


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