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Suffolk County Transit
Suffolk Transit logo.svg
Suffolk Transit Bus 8004.jpg
Suffolk Transit #8004 On Route S1 (Both ROUTE and BUS Operated By E.B.T, Inc) To Halesite at the Amityville Long Island Railroad Station.
ParentSuffolk Transportation Service, Inc
Service areaSuffolk County and southeastern Nassau County
Service typeLocal bus service
HubsSuffolk Transportation, "Pond"
Fleet157 fixed-route, 147 SCAT[1]
(2013 figures)
Daily ridership21,836 (weekday 2013)[1]
Fuel typeUltra-low sulfur diesel
OperatorSee operator list below
Chief executiveGilbert Anderson, Commissioner, Garry Lenberger, Acting Director Transportation Operations
WebsiteOfficial Website

Suffolk County Transit is the provider of bus services in Suffolk County, New York on Long Island in the United States and is an agency of the Suffolk County government. It was founded in 1980 as a county-run oversight and funding agency for a group of private contract operators which had previously provided such services on their own. While the physical maintenance and operation of the buses continue to be provided by these providers, other matters ranging from bus purchases to route and schedule planning to fare rules are set by Suffolk Transit itself.

Though serving the entirety of Suffolk County, the one exception is in Huntington, located in the northwestern part of the county, where that town's private operator declined to join Suffolk Transit. Instead, Huntington took over that town's system which became Huntington Area Rapid Transit, or HART. Most of HART's routes do connect to both Suffolk Transit and Nassau Inter-County Express and one can transfer between HART and Suffolk Transit fairly easily.[2] In addition, the village of Patchogue has its own local bus service.[3]


Suffolk County Transit began as the consolidation of numerous private bus companies, many of which became contractors for the county. These included the Bornscheuer Bus Company which served Amityville, Copiague, Lindenhurst, West Babylon, and Babylon. Affiliated company EBT, Inc (an affiliate of School Bus Company Educational Bus Transportation, Incorporated), continues in existence under contract with Suffolk County Transit.

In Central Suffolk, the East Patchogue-based Louis A. Fuoco Bus Line (1962-1992) served Patchogue, East Patchogue, Hagerman, Bellport, South Haven, Mastic, Mastic Beach, Port Jefferson, Medford, Coram, Ridge, Calverton, and Riverhead. Continued to exist during early years of Suffolk County Transit. Also, Coram Bus Service (1958-1992) primarily operated school buses, but also began serving mass transit routes in the Town of Brookhaven towards locations as far west as Commack and East Northport, and as far east as Riverhead.

On the North Shore, Huntington Coach Corporation (1927–present)[4] served Huntington, Farmingdale, Melville, and Halesite. Quinn's Bus Lines, and later Coram Bus Service after the two were merged in 1969,[5] mainly served the area between Port Jefferson and Wading River; especially after the demise of the Wading River Extension of the Port Jefferson Branch.[6]

In the western Town of Islip, Suffolk Bus Corporation (1946–present), which served Bay Shore, Brentwood, West Brentwood, Central Islip, Islip, and Babylon, continues in existence under contract with Suffolk County Transit.[7]

On the east end, Sunrise Coach Lines (1946–Present), which served Greenport, Riverhead, Southampton, Sag Harbor, and Easthampton, began operations in 1946, continued in existence under contract with joint venture Twin Forks Transit for the routes they originally operated for Suffolk County Transit. In 2006 Sunrise Coaches EXPRESS Routes were bought by Hampton Jitney.[8]

Utility Lines, a Bee Line Incorporated subsidiary, ran from Patchogue along Montauk Highway into Merrick Road in Nassau County. This line was merged into the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority in 1973, but funding and service disputes lead to the splitting of that route between the N19 west of Babylon and S40 east of Babylon.

Inter-County Motor Coach Incorporated,[9] which is still based in the Village of Babylon has been operating since 1922. Affiliated companies included Babylon Transit[10] operating from 1937 until around 1986,[11] and Lindenhurst Bus Company, which operated from 1952 to 1986,[12] both companies running in their final years under contract with Suffolk County Transit.

Alert Coach, an affiliate of Baumann & Sons Buses, Incorporated, and Acme Bus Corporation began on November 30, 1966, and had at least four lines within the county, which included a troubled history with the Suffolk portion of the old Utility Lines bus.[13]

During his tenure as Suffolk County executive, Steve Levy proposed a takeover of Suffolk County Transit by the MTA.[14]

In 2011 the Suffolk County Legislature authorized a fare hike from $1.50 to $2.00 on the S92 and 10C routes only. In return, service on those two routes was expanded to Sunday during the summer months. The fare hike took place on June 17, 2011, with Sunday service operating from July until September.[15][16]


The current Suffolk County Transit base fare for most one-way local bus travel is $2.25.[17] For seniors and the disabled, the base fare is $0.75; personal care attendants (PCA) may ride for free when traveling with seniors or the disabled. Students with school-issued identification pay a reduced fare of $1.25. Undergraduate students of Stony Brook University may ride to Smith Haven Mall on the S60 and 3D for free, with a valid SBU ID, on Saturdays. (The university prepaysfor the rides at the start of the school year so that it does not have to run itsown buses to Smith Haven Mall on Saturdays.) Children under five years of age are free, with a limit of three children for every paying adult.

Fare payment is conducted with the traditional non-digital use of Suffolk Transit bus tokens, coins or paper currency, and must be exact. There is no magnetic reader technology in use, such as NYC or Nassau County's MetroCard, in use. Bus transfers cost an additional $0.25, and must be requested and paid for upon boarding the bus. These transfers are valid for two hours after issue and can be used on Suffolk County Transit connecting routes, or to Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) connecting routes with a special transfer request slip (transfers to NICE require payment of a "step-up" fare).You can use transfers from MTA NYC Bus, NICE Bus, HART, Other Long Island/NYC Area Bus Companies. Metro Cards Are Also Allowed With Dispatch Notice.[17]

Bus service hours[edit]

Suffolk Transit bus service operates 7 days a week. Many routes run Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, with the exceptions of the S69, which runs until 10:20 pm, the S54 and S92, run until 10:15 pm, S1, until 10:05 pm and S45, which finishes at 10:00 pm. On weekdays, the S27 and S40, have evening service that runs their last route until around 9:00pm or so. The S47 runs June through September, 7 days a week. Many longer bus routes such as the S58 eastbound, connecting East Northport with Riverhead, run shortened routes after 4:50 pm, terminating in Middle Island, rather than Riverhead. Similarly, on Saturdays, the S62, normally connecting Hauppauge with Riverhead, only runs between the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove and Riverhead, leaving no connection with Hauppauge on Long Island's north shore.

Saturday bus service, for most routes, runs from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

On Sundays, only the S1, S33, S40, S41, S45, S54, S58, S61, S66, S92, 3D, and 10C run, using the Saturday schedule for service times.[18]

With the exception of the S47, S92, and 10C, there is no service on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.[19]


Main routes are prefixed with a "S" to signify "Suffolk County" to fall in line with other nomenclature used by the MTA. Nonetheless the agency has no ties to the MTA, and in fact the "S" prefix is already used for Staten Island routes. Feeder routes do not have the "S" prefix, however they have various letter suffixes.

Suffolk County Accessible Transportation[edit]

Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) is Suffolk Transit's federally mandated paratransit service for ADA-eligible passengers with disabilities. SCAT service is available Monday through Saturday, 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM and Sunday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The fare for an ADA eligible rider is $4.00. When that rider is accompanied by a personal care attendant (PCA), that PCA does not pay a fare, but must have the same origin and destination as the rider. If riders choose to travel with companions not a PCA, that person must pay the fare of $4.00.[20]

Bus route assignments[edit]

Rather than operate its services in-house like most transit agencies, Suffolk County Transit contracts all their routes to private contractors. The table below lists the private contractors hired to provide fixed-route services. It does not include Suffolk County Accessible Transportation paratransit service, which is solely operated by Suffolk Bus Corporation.

Company Routes
Suffolk Bus Corporation[21] 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, S40, S42, S45, S47, S56, S57, S58, S59, S60, S61, S62, S63, S66, S68, S69, S76, S110 (Suffolk Clipper)
EBT INC[22] 1A, 2A, 2B, S1, S20, S23, S25, S27, S29, S31, S33, S41, S54
Twin Forks Transit [23] 8A, 10B, 10C, S92

Note: EBT INC is the operator of Suffolk County Transit Buses, EBT INC is the sister company of Educational Bus Transportation (a school bus company).

Note: Twin Forks Transit is a joint venture of Hampton Jitney and Sunrise Coach Lines.


Suffolk Transit Buses Sometimes Depend By Operator. They Also Buy Buses Ranging In 25 ft to 40 ft In Length.

Current bus fleet[edit]

Photo Year Make Model Length Powertrain Fleet Number Amount in Service Notes
Suffolk Transit Gillig Phantom 5028.jpg 2005 Gillig Phantom
35 ft Cummins ISM

Allison B400R

5004-5005, 5030, 5032, 5055, 5077 6
  • 5004-5005 & 5077 assigned to Twin Forks Transit/Sunrise Coach Lines, Inc
  • 5030 & 5032 assigned to EBT, Inc
Suffolk Transit Bus 8004.jpg 2008 BRT
G30D102N4 hybrid
41 ft Cummins ISB
(GM-Allison EP-40 hybrid propulsion system)
(4 buses)
4 Assigned to EBT Inc.
Suffolk Transit Bus 1001.jpg 2010 DaimlerChrysler North America Orion VII Next Generation
40.5 ft Cummins ISL

Allison B400R6

  • 1001-1009 assigned to EBT, Inc
  • 1010-1011 assigned to Twin Forks Transit/Sunrise Coach Lines, Inc
Orion VII Next Generation
35 ft 1016-1065
(48 buses)
  • 1016-1033, 1035-1038, & 1057-1063 assigned to Suffolk Bus Corp
  • 1039-1053 & 1055-1056 assigned to EBT, Inc
  • 1064 assigned to Twin Forks Transit/Hampton Jitney
  • 1065 assigned to Twin Forks Transit/Sunrise Coach Lines, Inc
  • 1034 & 1054 prematurely retired due to fire damate
Orion VII Next Generation
32.5 ft 1066-1081
(16 buses)
  • 1066-1073, 1075 assigned to Suffolk Bus Corp
  • 1074 & 1076-1081 retired
2017 New Flyer Xcelsior
40 ft Cummins L9
(Allison H40 EP hybrid propulsion system)
(10 buses)
10 Assigned to Twin Forks Transit/Sunrise Coach Lines, Inc
35 ft 7011-7030
(20 buses)
  • 7011-7020 assigned to EBT, Inc
  • 7021-7030 assigned to Suffolk Bus Corp

Paratransit fleet[edit]

Photo Year Make Model Length Powertrain Fleet Number Amount in Service Notes
2017 Arboc Specialty Vehicles Arboc Spirt Of Mobility 29 ft Chevy Express Chassis 7101-7140
(40 buses)

Retired fleet[edit]

All retired buses prior to 1981 were brought either secondhand by Suffolk County or the bus companies that operated for the county or brought by the operators and then by Suffolk County when they took over bus operations in 1980–1981. Some buses were renumbered after entering service; all fleet numbers listed are the numbers the buses were when they entered service.

Year Model Length Width Engine Fleet Number Total Number Year Retired
1959 GM TDH5106 40 ft 96in Detroit Diesel 6-71 617 1 1982
19xx GM TDHxxxx 92,395,435-436 4
GM TDH4517 35 ft 96 in Detroit Diesel 6V71 330,340 2 1987/1995
1960 420 1
GM TDH5302 40 ft 371 1
1961 GM TDH4517 35 ft 106 1
1962 GM TDH5301 40 ft 102 in 409 1
1963 GM TDH4519 35 ft 96 in 527 1 1987
1964 GM TDH5304 40 ft 158 1
GM TDH4519 35 ft 837 1 1987
1965 292-294,840 4 1987/1995
1966 108,111,700 3 1982/
1967 104-105 2 1995
1969 GMC T6H4521 517,528 2 1986/1995
1973 GMC T6H4523A 904,909,917,921,924 5
1974 124 1
1975 Flxible 45096-6-1 14-15,828-829,836 5 1986/1993/1995
1981 New Flyer D901A 10235C 102 in Detroit Diesel Series ?? 108-115,119-120,550-557,800-806 25
1982 Gillig Phantom 3596T6V92 96 in Detroit Diesel 6V71 5,7-13,118-125,125-127,209,558-562,815-820 31 1986/1993
Chance RT-52 25.11 ft 1-4,4-6,20-22,113-117,121-124,210-214,807-814,810-812,814-815 37 1986/1993/1995
1987 Gillig Phantom 35102TB6V92 35 ft 102 in Detroit Diesel Series 6V92TA 701-704,710,720-733,740-742,750-760 33 1995/1999/2005
1988 Chance RT-52 25.11 ft 96 in Detroit Diesel Series ?? 300-303,320-321,340-341,350-352,880-884 16 1997
1991 Gillig Phantom 40102TB6V92TA 40 ft 102 in Detroit Diesel Series 6V92TA 900,910-916 9 2005
Gillig Phantom 35102TB6V92TA 35 ft 901-908,920,930-934,940-941 16
1993 Flxible Metro D 30096-6-T 30 ft 96 in 9301-9303,9311-9316,9321-9326,9331-9342 27
1996 Gillig Phantom 35102TBS50 35 ft 102 in Detroit Diesel Series 50 9600-9617,9620,9630-9636,9641-9655,9660-9661 43 1999/2010
1997 Gillig Phantom 30096TBS50 30 ft 96 in 9701-9702,9711-9714,9721-9726,9731-9734 16 2010
1999 Orion V 05.503 35 ft 9901-9942 42 2010/2017
2000 Gillig Phantom C20B102N4 Suburban 102 in 2000-2005 6 2011/2014/2017
2005 Gillig Phantom
35 ft Cummins ISM

Allison B400R

51 2017
2010 Orion VII Next Generation
40.5 ft Cummins ISL

Allison B400R6

4 2017
2010 Orion VII Next Generation
35 ft 1034,1054
2 Buses burned down prior to 2017

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