Suffolk New Academy

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Suffolk New Academy
Type Academy
Acting Principal Shelaugh Potter
Location Ipswich

Suffolk New Academy (formerly Chantry High School) is a secondary school with academy status in the Chantry area of Ipswich in the English county of Suffolk. The school educates children aged 11 to 16 and has around 750 pupils.[1][2] The acting Principal is Shelaugh Potter.[1]


The school opened in September 1962 as a secondary modern school serving the recently established council estate of Chantry in southwest Ipswich. Originally, the school consisted of the two three-floored blocks with a main school hall area. Following the growth of the estate, the school’s roll grew rapidly into the 1970s, resulting in the extension of the site. The school remained a secondary modern school until the late 1970s when Suffolk became fully comprehensive and the school was renamed Chantry High School.

The school is now an academy, and has been renamed Suffolk New Academy. It was previously sponsored by Suffolk New College, however the Active Learning Trust will take over from September 2015.[3]

Sixth Form Centre[edit]

In 1981 the school opened a sixth form centre. Originally, it served Chantry, East Bergholt, Stoke, Copleston, Kesgrave, and numerous smaller schools, acting as an alternative the already established Northgate Sixth Form centre. More recently, due to the increase of Sixth Form Centres within Ipswich, Chantry the sixth form centre served the Chantry and Stoke areas before being closed following the development of the Suffolk One sixth form in September 2010.


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