Suffolk One

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Suffolk One
Motto The Future of Education; You've got it in One
Established 2010
Type Sixth Form College
Principal Alan Whittaker
Vice Principal Jenny Milsom
Location Scrivener Drive
Gender Coeducational

Suffolk One is a sixth form college located in Ipswich in the English county of Suffolk. Opened in 2010, and a member of the South West Ipswich and South Suffolk (SWISS) Partnership, it provides further education in South Suffolk. The College was assessed as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted in May 2015.

Design of Suffolk One[edit]

Suffolk One is an exemplar development, which provides modern and flexible teaching facilities. The three storey 20,200 metre square building accommodates 2,200 students from Ipswich and South Suffolk and integrates several renewable energy technologies.

Due to the noise generated by the adjoining busy dual carriageway, it was not possible to use natural ventilation in the teaching spaces. The Mechanical and Engineering consultants, John Packer Associates,[1] aimed to use low energy and sustainable technologies wherever possible to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across the site, whilst maintaining comfortable internal conditions for academic development. The use of Interseasonal Heat Transfer from ICAX, using the 1,600 metre square bus turning area as a concrete solar collector[2] made this possible. Heat collected in summer is stored in thermal banks[3] in the ground for retrieval in winter by ground source heat pumps to enable natural heating to be provided without burning fossil fuels.


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