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180524 Suga at a press conference for Love Yourself Tear (1).png
Suga at a press conference for Love Yourself: Tear in May 2018
Born Min Yoon-gi
(1993-03-09) March 9, 1993 (age 25)
Daegu, South Korea
Residence Hannam-dong, Seoul, South Korea[1]
  • Rapper
  • songwriter
  • record producer
Years active 2010–present
Musical career
Also known as Agust D
Labels Big Hit Entertainment
Associated acts BTS
Korean name
Hangul 민윤기
Hanja 閔玧其
Revised Romanization Min Yun-gi
McCune–Reischauer Min Yunki
Stage name
Hangul 슈가
Revised Romanization Syu-ga
McCune–Reischauer Syuka
Suga's signature.png

Min Yoon-gi (Hangul민윤기; born March 9, 1993), better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Managed by Big Hit Entertainment, he debuted as a member of the South Korean pop idol group BTS in 2013. In 2016, he released his first solo mixtape, Agust D. The Korea Music Copyright Association attributes over 70 songs to Suga as a songwriter and producer, including Suran's "Wine", which won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

Life and career

1993–2010: Early life

Min Yoon-gi was born on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea.[3] The younger of two sons, he attended Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Apgujeong High School.[4] He became interested in rap after hearing "Reggae Muffin" by Stony Skunk, stating it was different from anything he had ever heard before. After hearing Epik High he decided to become a rapper.[5]

By age 13, he began to write music lyrics and learned about MIDI. He worked a part-time job at a record studio by age 17. From then on he began composing and arranging music, rapping, and performing.[3] Before being signed, he was active under the name Gloss as an underground rapper.[6] As part of the hiphop crew D-Town in 2010, he released "518-062", a song commemorating the Gwangju Uprising.[7]


The stage name Suga (슈가) is derived from the first syllables of the term shooting guard (슈팅 가드), the position he played in basketball as a student.[8] Originally joining the company as a music producer,[9] Suga trained under Big Hit Entertainment for three years alongside members J-Hope and RM. He made his debut as a member of BTS on Mnet's M Countdown with the track "No More Dream" from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool.[10] He has produced and written lyrics for a variety of tracks on all of BTS's albums.

Solo work

Suga adopted the alias Agust D in 2016, which is derived from the initials DT, short for his birthplace, Daegu Town, and "Suga" spelled backwards.[3] He released a free self-titled mixtape via SoundCloud on August 15.[11] He decided against releasing the project as a commercial studio album, describing it as the "feeling of being trapped in some sort of framework."[3] On the record, he discussed matters such as his struggles with depression and social phobia.[12] Fuse TV rated it one of the top 20 mixtapes of 2016.[13]

In 2017, Suga composed the song "Wine" for singer Suran, whom he had previously worked with for a single on his mixtape.[14] The record peaked at #2 on the Gaon Digital Chart and won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the Melon Music Awards on December 2, 2017.[15] Suga also received the "Hot Trend Award" for his work on the track.[16]

Suga rereleased his mixtape for digital purchase and streaming in February 2018.[17] The reissue reached #3 on Billboard's World Albums Chart, #5 on the Heatseekers Albums chart, and #74 on the Top Album Sales chart. It also caused Suga's solo alias, Agust D, to reach #46 on the Emerging Artists chart for the week of March 3.[18]

Personal beliefs and philanthropy

Suga has spoken openly about mental health and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.[19] In 2014 he made a promise to buy his fans meat should he find success as a musical artist. Four years later, on his 25th birthday, he donated beef to 39 orphanages as "Army", the name of BTS's fanbase.[20]


Suga is responsible for writing, composing and arranging, as well as mixing and mastering his material.[3] Over 70 registered songs are credited to him by the Korea Music Copyright Association.[21] He is a pianist, and produces hiphop and R&B music.[3][22] His lyrics involve themes that are "full of dreams and hope," conceived with the intent of his music becoming "many people's strength."[23] He cites Stony Skunk and Epik High as his inspirations to pursue hiphop music. Particularly, he credits the former's reggae-hiphop hybrid album Ragga Muffin (2005) and its title track for igniting his interest in the genre, calling it "completely different" from mainstream music.[24]

Jeff Benjamin of Fuse said Suga's mixtape "showcases the star's ear for hot productions, hardcore rap style, and how he can make his vulnerabilities a strength."[25]

In January 2018, Suga was promoted to full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.[26]

Awards and nominations

Year Award-Giving Body Category Recipient Result Ref.
2017 Melon Music Awards Hot Trend Suran (singer) and Suga (producer) for “Wine Won [27]


Suga at the Gaon Chart Awards in 2016.


Title Album details Peak chart positions
US World
US Heat
Agust D[29]
Track listing
  1. "Intro: Dt sugA" featuring DJ Fritz
  2. "Agust D"
  3. "Give It to Me" (각성 / 覺醒)
  4. "Skit"
  5. "724148" (치리사일사팔)
  6. "140503 at Dawn" (140503 새벽에)
  7. "The Last" (마지막)
  8. "Tony Montana" featuring Yankie
  9. "Interlude; Dream, Reality"
  10. "So Far Away" featuring Suran
77 3 5

Charted songs

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
HUN Single

SCT Singles
UK Down
US Bub.
US World
"Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life"[A] 2015 110 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1
"First Love" 2016 32 17 Wings
"Trivia 轉: Seesaw" 2018 9 39 15 59 58 22 5 Love Yourself: Answer
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.

Other songs

Year Title Format Other Notes
2010 "518-062"[41] Digital download, streaming with D-Town
2013 "Dream Money"[42]
"Adult Child"[43] with RM & Jin
2018 "땡 (Ddaeng)"[44] with RM and J-Hope

Writing and production credits

All song credits are adapted from the Korea Music Copyright Association's database, unless otherwise noted.[21]

Click on show to view the contents of this section
Year Artist Album Song
2013 Suga Non-album release Dream Money[42]
Suga, RM, and Jin Adult Child"[43]
BTS 2 Cool 4 Skool We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2
No More Dream
I Like It
O!RUL8,2? N.O.
We On
If I Ruled the World
BTS Cypher Pt. 1
Attack on Bangtan
Satoori Rap
2014 Skool Luv Affair Intro: Skool Luv Affair
Boy in Luv
Where Did You Come From?
Just One Day
BTS Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych
Miss Right
I Like It (Slow Jam Remix)
Spine Breaker
Dark & Wild What Am I To You?
War of Hormone
Hip Hop Lover
Let Me Know
BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer ft. Supreme Boi
What Are You Doing?
Would You Turn off Your Cellphone?
Blanket Kick
Look Here
2nd Grade
Wake Up The Stars
I Like It Pt. 2
Wake Up
2015 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life
I Need U
Hold Me Tight
Boyz with Fun
Converse High
Moving On
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 Intro: Never Mind
Whalien 52
Ma City
Dead Leaves
2016 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever Butterfly (Prologue Remix)
Run (Ballad Mix)
Run (Alternative Mix)
Epilogue: Young Forever
Save Me
Youth Introduction: Youth
Good Day
Wishing on A Star
For You
Agust D Agust D[45] Intro: Dt sugA ft. DJ Friz
Agust D
Give It To Me
140503 at dawn
The Last
Tony Montana
Interlude; Dream, Reality
So Far Away ft. Suran
BTS Wings Blood Sweat & Tears
First Love
BTS Cypher Pt. 4
Two! Three!
Interlude: Wings
2017 You Never Walk Alone Spring Day
Outro: Wings
A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone
Suran Walkin' Wine
BTS Love Yourself: Her DNA
Best of Me
Pied Piper
Outro: Her
2018 Face Yourself Intro: Ringwanderung
Best of Me (Japanese ver.)
Blood Sweat & Tears (Japanese ver.)
Spring Day (Japanese ver.)
Love Yourself: Tear 134340
Love Maze
Magic Shop
Airplane Pt. 2
So What
Outro: Tear
RM, Suga, J-Hope Non-album release 땡 (Ddaeng)[44]
BTS Love Yourself: Answer Trivia 轉: Seesaw
I'm Fine
Answer: Love Myself


Music videos

Year Title Length Director(s) Note Ref.
2016 "Agust D" 3:06 Sungwook Kim (OUI) under alias Agust D [46]
"Give It to Me" 2:34 [47]

Trailers and short films

Year Title Length Director(s) Note Ref.
2015 "Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" 2:12 GDW Animation [48]
2016 "First Love #4" 2:57 YongSeok Choi (Lumpens) [49]


  1. ^ Although under BTS, the intro was done by Suga.[37]


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