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Sugam Pokharel
सुगम पाेखरेल
Sugam Pokharel.jpg
Born (1979-09-20) September 20, 1979 (age 41)
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • RJ
Years active1995–present
Liza Pokharel
(m. 2002)
Children1 Daughter (Angeliza)
RelativesSunil Pokharel (Brother), Sushil Pokharel (Brother), Kabita Pokharel (Sister)
Musical career
  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Rebel Creation
  • Stereo Records

Associated acts

Sugam Pokharel (Nepali:सुगम पाेखरेल) is a Nepalese pop singer, music composer, songwriter and radio jockey. His first solo recording, Mero Sansaar (2001), became a top seller in Nepal.

Early life career[edit]

Sugam Pokharel was born in Mangalbare, Morang on in 1979.[1][2] His father was a government scribe in the Department of Land Reform Management, but was also known asan advocate in the locality. His elder brother Sunil Pokharel is a theater artist.[3]

After completion of School Leaving Certificate (Nepal) from Biratnagar, Sugam moved to Kathmandu for his high school education. Initially having no desire to record music as a professional singer or to pursue a career as a pop singer, he decided to record a song when he met Sudin Pokharel in Kathmandu, who was also willing to record the song.[citation needed] They both recorded their first song Ma Maya Garchu at NAAD Studio, Anamnagar in 1995, which was a disaster. After their unsuccessful debut, they came together to record another song four months after their first release. The second release was titled as Payera Timilai Yesto Khusi Chhu. It was not successful. Although facing with two biggest flops in their debut career, their paramount desire of recording hit song didn't halt them to record their third song Panchi. This also didn't do well in the market and the collaboration between Sugam and Sudin ended.[citation needed]

Radio career[edit]

In 1997, Sugam started working as a librarian in Radio Sagarmatha, Nepal's first community radio in the aftermath of three biggest flop in his early singing career with Sudin Pokharel. Later on, he started hosting a musical program.

Musical career[edit]

After back to back failure working with Sudin Pokhrel a.k.a. DA69, he began his solo career with album 1MB released in 2001. His first recorded song is 'sayad mero prita'. His initial songs like Feri Tyo Din, Kati Din Bitey, Maya Ko Baato, Samhalinchha Kaile Mann, Timi Ma Bhanda, etc established himself as Pop Star. His albums are Highway, Sutra, Yatra, School Pathshala, Sugam Song Geet.[citation needed]. Sugam remained a Pop Superstar, Rock Icon and Style Icon. During the 2000s, he always remained as Pop King and his hits never fluctuated.[citation needed]

He often worked with Sudin Pokhrel(a.k.a.Rapper DA69) who also comes from his hometown Biratnagar. "The Unity" band (Rapper DA69, VJAsif Shah, Aidray) were mostly associated with him in songs like Aaja Feri Din Bityo, etc. Girish Khatiwada who hails from his hometown Biratnagar also was associated with him.[citation needed]


  • Kasto ho yo: movie- Diarry
  • She’z Da Bomb
  • Pashupatinath ko Darshan
  • Bhanchu Aaja: movie Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu
  • Kasam ho: movie A Mero Hajur 2
  • Kalakaar ft. Girish Khatiwada & Yama Buddha
  • Prem Geet
  • Maya le Boleko - movie Saayad 2
  • Safar (2016)
  • Awastha 2016
  • Lakhar Lakhar - Movie Zindagi Rocks
  • Mero Jiwan Esto Hos
  • Dashain Tihar
  • Timi Nabhaye Ke Artha Yaha
  • Ke Yo Maya Ho- Movie Song
  • Saya Janma
  • Mero Euta Saathi Chha
  • School Pathshala-Album:School Pathshala
  • Jhilke
  • Jadai Chhu Tada(Runna Bhanthye)
  • Mann Ki Rani
  • Aaja Feri Din Bityo - The Unity Feat Sugam Pokhrel
  • Mann Ko Dailo
  • Samhalinchha Kaile Mann
  • Timi Ma Bhanda Koshau -Album: Confuse
  • Kati Din Bitey- Album: Highway
  • Maya Ko Baato- Album: Highway
  • Feri Tyo Din
  • Mero Sansaar


List of awards and nominations
Year Ceremony Category
2003 Close Up Hits F.M Music Award BestNew Artist of the Year


List of awards and nominations
Year Ceremony Category
2018 Sagarmatha Music Awards Best Payback Singer of the Year Nominated


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