Sugar Blues (song)

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Sugar Blues is a song that became popular by Clyde McCoy featuring the sound of the growling wah-wah mute. He recorded it no less than four times. It became his trademark song. It was written in 1920 by Clarence Williams and recorded for the first time by Leona Williams and her Dixie Band in 1922. Although McCoy's version was strictly instrumental, there are lyrics, written by Lucy Fletcher. It was recorded with vocals by both Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, Fats Waller and Ella Fitzgerald.

I got those sugar blues,
Everybody's singing those sugar blues,
The whole town is ringing;
My lovin' mama, sweet as she can be,
But the doggone gal turned sour on me!
I'm so unhappy, I feel so bad,
I could lay me down and die;
You can say what you choose,
But I'm all confused;
I've got those sweet, sweet sugar blues,
More sugar,
I got those sweet, sweet sugar blues!

Other people who recorded versions are Count Basie, Clarence Williams, Johnny Mercer, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Berl Olswanger and the Berl Olswanger Orchestra, and the Crow Quill Night Owls.